Daniel Chancellor

Daniel Chancellor

Daniel Chancellor is a prolific academic writer in political science, management and linguistics and currently holds the title of Distinguished University Professor at Owen Graduate School of Management.

As soon as they established their unique climbing gym and launched their distinctive line of climbing holds, the Chancellor brothers realized that major climbing brands were neglecting an important market segment: Millennials.

Early Life and Education

Dan has more than two decades of experience as an education policy scholar, government relations practitioner, learner-centered higher education professional, and leader. He is deeply passionate about student learning within communities we serve.

Heimmermann comes to the university after an exhaustive, inclusive and transparent search process led by the Board of Trust’s Chancellor Search Committee under Evans. He aims to foster an environment which supports equitable access, engagement and success for all students.

Prior to his current role, Mr. DeClerck served as Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City Public Schools. Under his tenure, NYC’s school system saw significant improvement with ground-breaking labor policy changes; incentive pay linked to results; innovative all-boys schools; and groundbreaking labor agreements.

Professional Career

Daniel Chancellor is an expert in biopharma research, development and analysis. For over 10 years he has worked on drug discovery, competitive intelligence analysis and strategic consulting – his insights are featured in leading publications like Nature Reviews Drug Discovery and Scientific American.

According to the University, Dr. LaTour has enjoyed an illustrious career as an academic scholar and public intellectual. His scholarship includes grant-funded research on faculty roles changes as well as analyses of higher education governing boards.

Before joining Arete Group, he served as Chief Executive Officer of TNTP – one of the nation’s premier school reform non-profit organizations. While at this organization he oversaw labor policy and implementation resulting in initiatives such as an intensive tenure system for teachers, incentive pay for principals tied to student achievement as well as after school programs for students.

Achievement and Honors

Heimmermann has long been a resident of Wisconsin, where he has made a mark as an advocate of high quality academic advising and student success. Additionally, his career has focused on building significant relationships and partnerships between local organizations, businesses and industries that support local economies and communities.

Heimmermann has received various honors and awards, such as the Chancellor’s Medal which recognizes individuals for outstanding professional accomplishment and service to UT. In addition, Heimmermann is also a member of the National Academy of Education.

In 2021, he received the Montana Tech Chancellor’s Award of Distinction as well as two service awards from Minority Opportunities Athletic Association and Pi Kappa Alpha’s Order of the West Range.

Personal Life

Daniel Chancellor enjoys an extensive network of friends and colleagues in both his personal and professional lives, while being actively engaged with multiple business ventures – currently, as the co-owner of So iLL Climbing which manufactures climbing holds and shoes; additionally, Daniel has spoken at numerous conferences and webinars.

Chancellor is an accomplished author, having published five books and over one hundred research articles in journals such as political science, economics, management and linguistics. Additionally, he has served on various organizations’ boards such as Argonne National Laboratory, Civic Consulting Alliance and University of Chicago Medical Center as well as providing consulting services to government agencies, nonprofits and leading corporations – becoming a member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences along the way.

Net Worth

He is one of Africa’s wealthiest pastors, using humor, motivation, and practical life experiences to deliver God’s word with an impressive following and over 15 companies from which he generates income.

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