Daniel Chapsky

Daniel Chapsky

He designed and implemented software for controlling an 11 meter Titan testbed airship, including forward/inverse kinematics, real time telemetry collection and reacting to sensor data including science cameras, GPS, IMUs, compasses and navigation devices.

He is a Data Scientist for Facebook, where his focus lies in cross channel ad effectiveness measurement and cross channel performance tracking. With an extensive background in machine learning and predictive analytics, his expertise lies at the forefront.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Chapsky hails from Brooklyn, New York. While at Poly Prep Country Day School he served as both defensive MVP on their football team as well as lettering in cross country, track, and soccer – winning all three events at one time or another! At Choate Rosemary Hall he finished in the top 25 for high jump in New York state; graduating with degrees in psychology and marketing and currently teaching at Bentley University.

Personal Life

He was an exceptionally dedicated and hardworking individual, loved and admired by his close circle for his sharp analytical mind and charming personality. Always ready to lend a helping hand in times of trouble, he enjoyed traveling the globe exploring its far corners.

He is engaged in an ambitious project examining the behavioral tendencies of 615 individuals using data collected through Facebook accounts. Information was gathered using an application he designed and is organized around the Big Five Theory of Personality – which describes people’s personality traits such as openness (appreciation for art, emotions or unusual ideas), conscientiousness, extraversion and agreeableness.

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