Daniel Childers

Daniel Childers

Daniel Childers was an unconventional college student. A first-generation college student himself, Daniel is currently working towards his Masters in Health Informatics from Arkansas Tech University and has assisted his professors with research on telehealth. Daniel enjoys barbecuing and traveling as much as possible during his free time; in addition, baseball and video gaming are big passions of his.

Early Life and Education

Rory Childers was an expert on heart electrical impulses and on using and interpreting electrocardiograms – two-dimensional graphs which display these impulses – to monitor heart functions. His computerized reading of electrocardiograms enabled physicians to more quickly diagnose cardiac conditions, leading them to get patients into ambulances more rapidly thereby saving lives.

He taught medical students, residents and fellows – as well as physicians worldwide through his scholarly writings – how to gain maximum information from ECGs. Additionally, his contributions helped establish standards and provide consistency in computerized interpretation of these tests.

He was one of the original founding members of Delaware County Community College, established in 1967 and located in Media, Pennsylvania, United States. There he taught Earth Sciences.

Professional Career

Daniel Childers is a research scientist and Director of the Central Arizona-Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) program in Phoenix. His expertise lies in wetlands ecology, water dynamics in urban ecosystems and sustainability science.

He is a first-generation college student who has spent much of his time volunteering and supporting organizations that make an impactful difference for others. As such, he was honored with multiple awards such as Arkansas Hospice Volunteer of the Year in 2019 and A.T.U Health Information Management Outstanding Student award and Trio Program Student Support Services Hall of Fame membership in 2020.

Daniel Childers works at Practice and accepts multiple insurance plans, holding certification in Social Work. He is dedicated to making sure that all workers can find jobs that pay well, offer benefits, and offer real economic security for themselves and their families.

Achievement and Honors

Childers was an innovator in the use of electrocardiograms (ECGs), two-dimensional graphs depicting electrical currents coursing through the heart. He pioneered ECG interpretation for medical students, residents, fellows and physicians worldwide through his writing. Childers’ contribution helped set standards and bring uniformity in computerized interpretation of ECGs that enabled faster treatment of heart attack patients.

He was an expert on modern Irish literature and culture. He made annual appearances on Chicago’s NPR station to read from James Joyce’s Ulysses for St Patrick’s Day and Bloomsday respectively, as well as regularly speaking to Irish cultural groups and writing articles on contemporary Irish writers.

Northeastern Illinois University recently appointed him Executive Director of Marketing after he managed all aspects of marketing at Academy for Urban School Leadership.

Personal Life

Childers hails from a rural setting and credits his parents with encouraging his musical interests. Arkansas Tech University was chosen because of its cultural environment and genuine care given by professors there, according to him.

On Labor Day, while out for a drive on rough roads with his wife Michelle, their drive quickly turned catastrophic when an out of nowhere thick branch pierced Michelle’s neck with sharp needles of bark and needles.

Michelle found herself not only out of cell phone range, but without immediate help nearby. Once they reached Lochsa Lodge, however, where a nurse practitioner was available to check Michelle out and assure her she would be fine before calling in a helicopter rescue mission.

Net Worth

Tyler Childers has amassed an estimated net worth of $8 Million through his music career and album releases, collaboration with other artists, and earning royalties from those albums sold through iTunes.

He signed contracts with numerous prestigious record labels and released several albums within the industry, such as Purgatory which hit number two on both Billboard’s Top 200 chart and Independent Albums top three chart, garnering him much-deserved recognition from industry professionals.

He has appeared in various music videos that have become quite famous, both locally and globally. Cody lives with his small family in the US where his parents, Loyran and Cody, are very supportive in helping him pursue his goals.

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