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Patsy Craighead Passes Away

Early Life and Education

Patsy Craighead dedicated her life to her family and friends. She leaves behind husband Danny Craighead of Seymour, Texas; son Scotty with wife Betty of Wichita Falls; grandchildren Bryan Craighead (and wife Amanda), Randall Bedford with Shannon Craighead from Bedford; Aydne Craighead from Breckenridge as well as many nieces and nephews.

Prior to her tenure at Portland State, she served as an assistant coach for Seattle Pacific of Division II under Gordy Presnell for two seasons. In her final season with Seattle Pacific she helped Fantasia Hilliard become the Big Sky Freshman of the Year as well as being selected twice to All-Big Sky first team selection – plus leading both rebounding and total points during her sophomore campaign!

Professional Career

Craighead has made numerous contributions to well-established journals specializing in nanoscale physical properties and materials research, as well as to biochemical and other fields.

Begun his career at Bell Laboratories’ Device Physics Research Department, his early work included researching semiconductor fabrication processes such as lithography with high-energy, finely focused electron beams; which resulted in creating some of the smallest wires and structures ever seen on GaAs at that time.

He later joined Cornell University as a professor of physics, where he established his lab as a center for micro- and nanoscale technologies. From 1998-2000 he served as director of his school; interim dean of engineering in 2001-02. His groundbreaking research resulted in various breakthrough technologies like zero-mode waveguides that enable scientists to observe individual DNA molecules.

Achievement and Honors

There is something about an afternoon drive where one just gets carried away – and that makes me smile! So much to take in and absorb. President Clinton honored Craighead with the National Medal of Technology in 2000 and he earned a spot in The Guinness Book of World Records by using electron-beam lithography to carve a guitar from crystalline silicon using electron beam lithography – but his nanoscale work brought the most praise from peers and colleagues alike. Craighead developed zero-mode waveguide technology used in devices to separate and count individual DNA molecules, as well as engineered microfluidic devices that enabled scientists to analyze individual viruses and bacteria with unprecedented accuracy. Jose Moran-Mirabal, one of his former graduate students who worked alongside Craighead, noted his researcher had instilled within him an insatiable curiosity that led to groundbreaking discoveries.

Net Worth

Though he is an accomplished actor, he still maintains a modest lifestyle. His net worth stands at approximately $20 Million dollars. Additionally, he holds assets and investments on the stock market as well as numerous followers on social media.

Furthermore, this actor enjoys an outstanding reputation among his fellow actors and is widely acclaimed for both his talent and hard work. He has performed in a wide array of movies and TV shows and can portray any character with ease onscreen.

He is also an expert martial artist, winning multiple awards for his efforts on the field. Additionally, he enjoys sports immensely and regularly attends basketball games with friends or supporting Toronto Maple Leafs games as a big fan.

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