Daniel Crain

Daniel Crain

Daniel Crain is an esteemed life coach and transformational speaker. He works closely with athletes, students and performance-based organizations to foster resilience, self-belief and the courage necessary for pushing past limits.

He is an authority on personal and professional growth, having written several books. Whether addressing large groups or working directly with clients, his engaging and informative presentation provides tools, strategy and inspiration necessary for producing outstanding outcomes.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Crain was born and educated in Illinois. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, he went on to achieve both a master’s and doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering.

Michael holds firm to his belief that every individual possesses unrealized potential and leverages this conviction to motivate others towards realizing their goals. As an in-demand coach, speaker, and author who works closely with athletes, executives, and sales teams in reaching new heights of achievement in their careers.

As well as his work at Natural Bridges, David and Kirsten operate Seacliff Na’Opio Montessori school on Kauai’s North Shore since 2004 – successfully providing early childhood education for hundreds of children! Together they have four children.

Professional Career

Daniel Crain is an esteemed speaker, coach, consultant, and author who lives by the belief that each individual possesses untapped potential and uses his experiences to motivate individuals and organizations towards positive transformations in their lives.

Professional experience includes working for companies like Henkel and Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. He holds a bachelor of industrial engineering from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Motivational Speaker whose presentation engages and inspires audiences. He customizes each presentation to meet the unique requirements of audiences and events, offering powerful yet impactful speeches tailored specifically for each. Furthermore, his holistic coaching and consulting approach has helped clients achieve incredible results; whether athletes striving to break records in athletic performance or academics looking for guidance that yields tangible results he offers guidance that yields tangible returns.

Personal Life

Daniel Crain is an esteemed coach, speaker, and author who believes every individual possesses unrealized potential. Using past adversities as motivation to change his own life and achieve unparalleled success.

He currently resides in Sarasota, Florida where he works as a fitness trainer at F45 Training. Additionally, he coaches many athletes and clients from around the world in unlocking both their physical and mental prowess.

He finds great enjoyment fox hunting and spending time with his family, showing his deep respect for both animals and nature. Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic sportsman, frequently participating in various sporting activities as a member of Ringwood Diving Club and representing Victoria at School Sports Games and Pacific School Games.

Net Worth

Daniel Crain is an award-winning public speaker, coach, and consultant who inspires others to realize their greatest dreams. Driven to excel himself, Daniel rose from poverty to become one of the leaders in his field – founding several successful businesses such as financial software development, data center networking, and high-performance data storage services.

At the start of 2018, a female tattoo artist from Tizzy’s Parlor in Gulf Shores, Alabama made a complaint against Daniel’s behavior and reported him. She asserted that Daniel threatened her s*xually assault and called police to report it.

Tizzy’s owners refused to fire Daniel following this incident, making customers uneasy; however, the victim decided to report his behavior and was arrested on first-degree attempted r*pe and two counts of sexual abuse charges.

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