Daniel Daugherty

Daniel Daugherty – A Man of Great Strength and Integrity

In 2000, a Philadelphia jury found 59-year-old Daniel Dougherty guilty of killing his two young sons by setting an arson fire that destroyed their row house.

However, Superior Court overturned his convictions from two prior trials citing key testimony provided by an arson investigator of an arson investigation utilizing outdated and now disapproved techniques.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Daugherty exemplifies strength and integrity with an unselfish spirit. Dedicated to both work and family life, he always puts others before himself.

He has an avid passion for history and folklore, which shines through in his writing. He enjoys learning from history to pass onto his halflings while indulging in various illustration projects during his free time.

He first made a name for himself as an illustrator of children’s books, including Stewart Edward White’s Daniel Boone: Wilderness Scout (1926). Later he illustrated many classic works such as Washington Irving’s Knickerbocker’s History of New York (1828), Carl Sandburg’s Abe Lincoln Grows Up and Mabel Leigh Hunt’s Better Known as Johnny Appleseed (1950).

Professional Career

Dan specializes in Bildungsroman and modernism literature, specifically Irish novel. Additionally, he studies aging and narrative theory. An introvert with much to express through writing.

He teaches AP/IB Chemistry 1 and Honors Physical Science, in addition to serving as a Canvas trainer and helping teachers navigate various academic networking applications. Furthermore, he supports both students and teachers on project-based learning assessments such as prototyping prototypes.

Dougherty wasn’t arrested again until 14 years later when his second ex-wife – in the midst of a custody dispute over their sons – reported to police that Dougherty confessed to starting the fire. Two jailhouse informants supported her claim; since then he has pled not guilty.

Achievement and Honors

Dan’s positive outlook and friendly personality make working with him an absolute pleasure, according to his colleagues who say that his positive energy inspires them to become better teachers in order to improve student lives.

He also helped establish LabCFTC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s hub for engaging fintechs to foster innovation and fair competition, receiving in 2019 their highest honor: Chairman’s Award for Excellence.

Staff and faculty from Heidelberg Program staff and faculty take great delight in witnessing Pepperdine students’ intellectual and personal growth while in Germany. It saddens them this semester that their classrooms are empty in Moore Haus and that Moore Haus remains empty, according to an email they sent out earlier.

Personal Life

Dan enjoyed camping and traveling with his family. He was very active in his community and participated in youth sports leagues; especially enjoying watching NASCAR races and VCU Men’s basketball games with Austin.

On the night of the fire, his partner had left him at home with their children ages 4 and 3, before going out partying. She later told police she suspected he was cheating on her and wanted to exact revenge by setting fire to their house.

Dougherty’s attorneys argued that his verdicts were compromised by testimony from a city fire investigator who used obsolete arson investigation techniques. In 2012, all his convictions were reversed and his death sentence changed to life imprisonment – an important tribute to this wonderful individual, whom all knew as a true gentleman and deeply loved family member.

Net Worth

Dan was an adoring husband and beloved father who also was an invaluable friend to all who knew him. His humor brought laughter into everyone’s lives who shared his friendship. His presence will always be missed and remembered with fondness by all.

He stands accused of murdering his two young sons by starting a fire at their Philadelphia home in 1985, as an act of revenge against their ex-wife and her new lover for breaking up with him. Prosecutors claim he wanted revenge against both parties for what had caused the breakup between himself and them, according to court prosecutors.

In 2016, a court panel granted him a new trial after finding that his initial convictions were flawed due to testimony provided by a fire investigator, who is no longer available as witness at his second trial.

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