Daniel Deacon

Bio of Daniel Deacon

Deacon represents employers in federal and state labor and employment matters, including alleged violations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. He assists clients in creating workplace safety programs and policies.

Deacon’s research interests center around administrative law, specifically how courts review agencies’ decisions. His works have appeared in various scholarly journals.

Early Life and Education

Deacon was in his late teens when he served as the chief delivery boy on his family’s raspberry plantation in Otisville, Michigan. Additionally, Deacon was an ardent parishioner at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church, spending numerous hours helping out with church programs such as serving homeless shelters and making hospital/homebound visits.

He graduated from Babylon High School and studied music at SUNY Purchase’s Conservatory of Music where he played tuba for local folk singer Langhorne Slim and guitar for grindcore band Rated R, in addition to composing electro-acoustic and computer music composition. Following graduation he relocated to Baltimore where he shared living quarters known as Copycat Building along with fellow musicians.

Deacon released his second album, Bromst, in 2009 and featured intricate percussion arrangements as well as player piano. That year he also contributed music for Song One short film and composed Francis Ford Coppola’s thriller Twixt soundtrack.

Professional Career

Deacon currently works as an assistant professor of law at Michigan Law School, teaching administrative and communications law courses and conducting research into how courts interpret agency decisions that may be contentious.

He has published extensively on topics pertaining to executive enforcement discretion and processes for deregulation, and holds a keen interest in federal courts’ role.

As well as his academic work, Dr. Chen also practices employment and labor law at Conn Maciel Carey LLP in Washington D.C. He assists clients with complex legal matters related to workplace safety and employment-related matters. Known among his peers as a Rising Star, he was honored with the 2023 Richard D. Cudahy Writing Prize by the American Constitution Society for his scholarship on regulatory and administrative law.

Achievement and Honors

Deacon created a smartphone app to sync up with his live shows, allowing fans to make visuals that synchronize with his performances and share them during performances. He made his Baltimore Symphony Orchestra debut at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall that year with three sets: one featuring classic works co-curated by Deacon; a solo set by Deacon himself and three collaborative ones in which orchestra played expanded arrangements of his music.

He is an active member of the American Civil Liberties Union and has provided representation for people with disabilities. Additionally, he worked as a law student at University of Washington before starting his practice with Conn Maciel Carey as an employment law practitioner focused on OSHA/MSHA workplace safety compliance as well as litigation matters.

Personal Life

He and his wife are proud parents to four college-bound children attending colleges in North Carolina, while also endowing scholarships within the UNC educational foundation as loyal Rams fans. He enjoys golf and plays recreational ice hockey twice each week with a recreation league.

Deacon’s family life is guided by five principles Jesus’ followers used to guide their homes and communities, such as loving God and each other, reaching out to the poor, serving others and responding to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Deacon believes it is also important that families spend quality time together without distractions – helping the family focus on what really matters and seek peace and joy in daily lives.

Net Worth

Daniel Deacon currently resides at 1230 Saint Paul Strt in Baltimore County Maryland and has become well-known around the globe for his live shows that involve large scale audience participation and interaction.

Composing for several films including Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt. 2021 documentary series All Light Everywhere and Ascension are among his notable work as composer.

Deacon joined forces with video artist Jimmy Joe Roche at Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands to produce video art that was displayed prior to Deacon’s performance at a farm.

Deacon’s net worth is estimated to range between $1 Million – $5 Million, the majority coming from his primary career as a composer. He prefers keeping his personal life private and does not share details regarding any relationships with media outlets.

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