Daniel Duster

Daniel Duster, a Financial Advisor

Daniel Duster is a financial advisor working for Huntington Investment Company and has two years of experience. He holds a Series 66 license to provide investment advice throughout Illinois.

John is also an accomplished drummer and DJ. His career started off in Tomsk, Russia where he performed at clubs and raves.

Early Life and Education

Duster never left home without first applying her makeup and hair, and enjoyed searching secondhand stores for classic leather purses. Additionally, she preferred fast food such as hot dogs or hamburgers to formal dining establishments.

She began as a teacher in Chicago public schools before transitioning into management of community relations for Michael Reese Hospital. Later she served as director of education-focused Smart Program for Chicago Urban League as well as managing Reach Out and Read pediatric literacy program.

She ran a crop-dusting business with her husband, was actively engaged in social work, and church activities, and left behind two children: Michelle and Dan as well as sister Norma.

Professional Career

Duster has extensive business experience. As a consultant to small businesses and affinity groups, she provides strategic planning, leadership development and networking assistance.

She has also served as a motivational speaker and coach to schools and organizations, using the story of her great grandmother Ida B. Wells’ struggles as inspiration to overcome obstacles and reach goals.

She currently works as a financial advisor for The Huntington Investment Company and has passed the Series 66 examination to become licensed to provide investment advice in Illinois. In addition, she is certified by the Financial Services Institute. Prior to this position, she was employed at Edward Jones, Polaris Wealth, Massmutual Chicago and Northeastern Illinois University Foundation where she held various trustee roles.

Achievement and Honors

Duster has received many accolades as a motivational speaker and coach, supporting civic organizations and causes throughout his life. A great-grandson of journalist, civil rights and suffragette activist Ida B. Wells (journalist; civil rights /suffragette activist /suffragette activist); Duster has spoken at events honoring her achievements – even being honored in 2022 with induction into the Meridian Arts and Entertainment Experience (MAX) Hall of Fame alongside soul music pioneer Sam Cooke; composer/musician W C Handy and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker (both).

Duster, an NEIU graduate himself, has established a scholarship at his alma mater to assist with tuition costs. Additionally, he has made various charitable donations such as supporting Chicago Child Care Society and the AIDS Foundation of Illinois.

Personal Life

Duster serves on several boards and conducts personal development and goal achievement training for several clients. Additionally, he is a lifetime member of MUFON and has passed all Series 66 examinations.

Author and speaker, he is passionate about diversity and equality issues, being an advocate of the Emmett Till Anti Lynching Act as well as fighting systemic racism.

He is married with two children, Michelle and Dan, living in Chicago. He loves cooking and searching second-hand stores for vintage leather purses; Motown music is his favorite genre; reading is his passion as is collecting art; plus, being vegan means that his cats Maxine and Brutus keep him company!

Net Worth

He is currently employed with Huntington Financial Advisors of Chicago and has been a member for two years. He passed his Series 66 exams, as well as registration with Illinois to provide investment advisory services; California and Texas licenses also hold.

His TikTok videos asking luxury car owners the iconic question “What do you do for a living?” went viral and amassed millions of followers, as did his YouTube channel and massive following on Instagram.

She enjoyed searching second-hand stores for classic leather purses and clothing in great condition, picnicking with her high school and college friends, and listening to Motown music. Ultimately she passed away at age 83 on October 26, 2022.

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