Daniel Elmore

Daniel Elmore – A Man of Immaculate Morals and High Professional Standards

Reinhold Daniel Fielding Elmore, best known by his television character Dan Fielding from Night Court, was an accomplished Manhattan criminal defense lawyer renowned for his impeccable morals and high professional standards.

Elmore Leonard’s popular crime novels of the 1990s found their way onto film with Get Shorty, Jackie Brown and Out of Sight becoming near perfect trilogy films.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Elmore was born and raised in Port Huron, Michigan. He attended both Port Huron Northern High School and Baker College before enrolling as an enrolled student at Michigan State University. An avid sports fan who loved spending time with family as well as reading and playing games, Daniel enjoyed watching games like NBA Jam.

Officers Guy Sako and Norman Saborski were patrolling an area on E 149th Street known for drug activity when they witnessed two men leaning against a parked car, with only Elmore swinging his left arm and keeping his fist tightly clenched against his leg when approaching. Elmore then started walking down the sidewalk clenching his fist against his leg as he moved forward. As they approached further they noticed two individuals leaning into another parked car before it abruptly drove away; Elmore then started walking down the sidewalk swinging only his left arm while holding onto his leg all the while holding onto his fist with his right arm held tightly against his leg clenching his fist against his leg all while holding onto his leg tightly against his leg clenching fist against his leg as he moved forward in Cleveland.

Officers were persuaded that Elmore might be concealing drugs; therefore, they conducted a patdown search which revealed a plastic bag containing sixteen rocks of cocaine.

Professional Career

Daniel dedicated himself passionately to both his professional and personal endeavors. His greatest joys were family, friends, gardening, pool ownership and supporting the North Carolina Tarheels.

He was also an entrepreneur, owning multiple minor league baseball teams and providing opportunities to aspiring players while providing entertainment for countless fans. Furthermore, his efforts served as a mentor to young entrepreneurs while contributing to the expansion of professional sports.

Officer Guy Sako noticed Elmore leaning against a parked car before moving away with his right arm swung down and fist clenched against his leg – actions which led the officers to suspect Elmore was concealing drugs and thus stopped him.

Achievement and Honors

Father of five children, this individual has built up an exceptional track record in encouraging his offspring to obtain a college education. Two of his daughters graduated high school and went on to achieve college degrees; additionally he ensured all his grandchildren got access to higher learning as well.

O’Neal School has benefitted immensely from his experience as both teacher and administrator in independent schools, which he has utilized to bolster their curriculum by expanding electives options and organizing fundraising for upgrades on campus.

He has earned several accolades during his career, such as the Ruth and Joel Spira Outstanding Teaching Award given each fall to an ECE professor who best embodies what students seek in instructors. Recipients receive $2000 cash, personal plaque, and are honored on a permanent plaque in their name.

Personal Life

Dan led an immensely rewarding personal life. He loved spending time with family and friends, and was a passionate hockey enthusiast. Additionally, he excelled as both golfer and deer hunter. Dan was the father of four sons and one daughter as well as many nieces and nephews.

He was an exceptional and dedicated attorney, nationally-renowned for his expertise in personal injury, class actions, and multi district litigation. Based out of Louisiana with offices located in Reserve and Laplace.

Elmore asserts in his third assignment of error that his trial counsel failed to properly challenge potential jurors with connections to law enforcement officers – such as Mr. Devitto who has an officer as his sister-in-law – as potential jurors for the jury panel in question. Furthermore, Elmore believes the jury was not given proper instructions about evidence presented at trial.

Net Worth

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Elmore has executed 13 trades of US Bancorp stock within the past year, selling USD shares worth a total of $7,882,172 through form 4 filings with the SEC.

He currently resides in Tampa with his Australian shepherd, Sketch, and has been working in real estate since 2021 as a licensed Realtor in Florida. When not selling real estate he enjoys spending his free time with family and friends; bartending is his passion and he is an avid Chicago Cubs supporter – always striving to make an impactful difference within his community whenever possible.

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