Daniel Garnicki,

Daniel Garnicki, 35, Convicted of Sexually Abusing a Learning-Disabled Teenager

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Miami — On Wednesday, a pastor of a storefront church found guilty of sexually abusing a learning-disabled teen was sentenced to two years of incarceration; however, his attorney plans to appeal this ruling.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Garnicki, 35, leads Camino de Santidad church in Miami where many worshipers pack into weekly services; its motto being “Holy Way.” Garnicki has not been allowed to preach publicly and placed under house arrest pending further proceedings.

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Professional Career

Daniel Garnicki served as pastor of a Miami storefront church known as Camino de Santidad (Holy Way Church), with many learning-disabled teenage girls attending nightly services. One girl, now 16, claims Garnicki took her to a Holiday Inn hotel and forced them into having oral sex while showing pornographic videos.

David Markus, his attorney, claims that his client is innocent of all charges against them.

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Achievement and Honors

Garnicki was arrested after a 16-year-old girl reported she had been sexually assaulted by him at the Holiday Inn Miami Beach. She claimed he forced her into oral and intercourse sex sessions while showing a pornographic video, telling her it was for research on Christian women versus non-Christian ones, according to authorities. Garnicki told her this experiment would help him study their differences as part of an experiment to research Christian vs. non-Christian relationships, according to court papers.

Pastor of storefront church called Camino de Santidad or Holy Way has pled not guilty to sexually abusing a girl during a trial which concluded last month and been placed under house arrest in Sweetwater near Miami.

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Personal Life

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Garnicki serves as pastor of Camino de Santidad, a storefront church that draws hundreds of worshipers every night for services that last hours. This church enjoys great popularity within the Latino community and Garnicki is well known for his charismatic preaching style.

Garnicki was charged in September with taking a learning-disabled teenage girl to a Holiday Inn and forcing her to perform oral sex and have intercourse while watching pornography, before jury convicting him within an hour on Tuesday. Since that time he has been placed under house arrest; according to his lawyers he intends on appealing the verdict; therefore he cannot travel outside his Sweetwater, West Miami address.

Net Worth

Garnicki, who leads the Camino de Santidad church with hundreds of attendees attending nightly services that often last several hours, is currently under house arrest in Sweetwater, a community west of Miami.

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