Daniel Gilmore

Daniel Gilmore Dies at 66

Daniel Gilmore – former member of the California State Assembly representing District 30 – passed away at 66.

He served in the Army Air Force during World War II before becoming a reporter for United Press International, covering stories on nearly every continent imaginable.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Gilmore began his journalism career as a copy boy for the Associated Press news service and worked at Time magazine during his studies at New York University. Later he served with the Army Air Forces during World War II to cover major stories like Berlin airlift operations and meetings between U.S. and European leaders.

He quickly took an active part in civic matters and was elected city attorney, holding this position with distinction and remarkable success. Additionally, he entered the insurance business with great skill.

He retired from the California Highway Patrol in 2003 after serving as Commander for Visalia and Hanford areas, as well as Tulare County Chiefs Association membership and having amassed an extensive network of friends and acquaintances.

Professional Career

Daniel Gilmore has long been dedicated to improving health. Receiving chiropractic treatment during his AFL football career and university studies enabled him to reach peak performance without incurring injuries, while now working as a chiropractor in Waterloo with expertise in sports chiropractic and general wellbeing.

Has published numerous academic articles and served on various committees. His current research interests focus on popular culture/protest interactions, critical visual studies, and cinema studies.

As an officer with the California Highway Patrol for 30 years – serving in Shafter, King City, Sacramento and Hanford – and later retiring as Chief. He held memberships in both the CHP Sergeants Association and Tulare County Chiefs Association before leaving law enforcement in 2003 after drilling its physical training unit.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Gilmore made tremendous strides towards ecology and conservation efforts relating to threatened species like Helmeted Honeyeaters and Leadbeater’s Possum. Through direct observation and research he amassed extensive first-hand knowledge from his time spent as a timber harvester, sawmill hand, industrial forester, NYS DEC seasonal employee and zoologist.

Gilmore has led his Coastal Carolina teams to 13 conference tournament championships and four NCAA Regionals appearances during his coaching tenure, two ABCA Atlantic Region Coach of the Year awards from ABCA as well as 10 conference coaches’ awards.

Gilmore led CCU’s youngest team ever in 2021 – winning 55 games while fighting youth and inexperience. Not only did he set school and Big South records for wins, he also led them into the top 15 nationally in sacrifice flies, home runs, hits, base on balls, stolen bases and sacrifice plays.

Personal Life

Gilmore was raised with Christian values by his parents, which instilled him with an early sense of philanthropy. His passion lies with helping children of color achieve creative success – this being his motivation behind starting his new non-profit.

Chosen Creative Concepts’ mission is to connect Black and Brown people with resources and opportunities. Gilmore believes everyone possesses the potential to innovate, and wants to help unlock that transformative power for positive social change.

Gilmore also served as coach of Plymouth State’s men’s soccer team during his time there, amassing 500 wins against only 145 losses in an overall career record that spans 30 years and five teams (South Los Angeles, Oceanside Sacramento King City Hanford CHP offices).

Net Worth

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