Daniel Gurevich

Who is Daniel Gurevich?

Gurevich earned bachelor’s degrees in physics, math and industrial engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology where he also received the Love Family Foundation Scholarship – Georgia Tech’s highest award to graduating students.

As an in-demand freelance oboist and principal oboe of Oregon’s Rogue Valley Symphony, he currently studies with Elaine Douvas of the Metropolitan Opera – in his free time he enjoys hiking, listening to vinyl records, and cheese tasting!

Early Life and Education

He began playing violin at seven in Moscow, Russia. He first studied at Children’s Music School before eventually attending Glinka Music Conservatory where he earned both Conservatoria and Aspirantura degrees.

Gurevich found his love of math through its ability to explain how the world around us works. In September he plans to enroll at graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in applied mathematics.

Professional oboist and 2023 Bach Institute Fellow David Gurevich has performed with various orchestras and festivals around the country. For Oregon’s Rogue Valley Symphony he served as principal oboe. Additionally he enjoys listening to vinyl records and tasting cheeses during his free time! Elaine Douvas of Metropolitan Opera fame is his teacher as well as being his student; while in addition he holds two professional licenses.

Professional Career

As a student, Gurevich simultaneously pursued three bachelor’s degrees – physics, math and industrial engineering. His efforts paid off – he received both the Love Family Foundation Scholarship and was nominated by both Colleges of Sciences and Engineering to attend Academic Recognition Day events.

His research centers around cardiac arrhythmias, one of the leading causes of death. His goal is to develop low-energy defibrillation protocols with reduced side effects to save lives without adversely impacting health.

He can often be found performing in orchestras around the country and abroad as an in-demand freelance oboist, having started playing at age five and becoming an International Master. Additionally, he teaches chess to children and teens at Chess Advantage, helping organize Atlanta Youth Chess Tournament.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Gurevich recently experienced what many orchestra players can only dream about: performing with a top-tier symphony orchestra. Here, the student oboist describes how and what that opportunity meant to him.

His hard work and dedication have resulted in three consecutive awards of the Love Family Foundation Scholarship from Georgia Tech – its highest undergraduate honor – along with earning him his Bachelor’s of Physics, Industrial Engineering, and Math degree by May 2020.

He’s also written four papers for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented aspects of his research internationally. To top it all off, he became an International Master in Chess when he started playing at age 5. Since founding Chess Advantage at this age, he’s twice won the national SuperNationals tournament for grades K-12!

Personal Life

Daniel Gurevich recently had the rare chance to experience one of many young musicians’ dreams: playing with a top-tier orchestra like San Francisco Symphony. As a substitute performer for one week with them.

Gurevich graduated from Georgia Tech with degrees in industrial engineering, physics and math and was honored to be awarded a Love Family Foundation Scholarship award. He plans on continuing his research into cardiac arrhythmias – one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

Gurevich is an accomplished chess player, having begun at age five and becoming a grandmaster by high school. Additionally, he owns his own travel agency called Jerulita which offers tours focusing on Jewish heritage, religion and history – particularly Holocaust studies and interethnic relations – among other themes. Furthermore, he speaks both Russian and Lithuanian fluently.

Net Worth

Daniel Gurevich has amassed an estimated net worth of US$49 Million. He earned this wealth as a successful Cinematographer as well as by guiding tourists through Jerulita Travel Agency to Vilnius, Lithuania for tours that focus on Jewish heritage, history, religion, and culture.

Gurevich is also an accomplished chess champion, having won his first national title at age five and becoming an international master by high school. Chess has provided some of his favorite memories at Tech, and currently he’s working on creating more effective low-energy defibrillation protocols than what are currently in use.

Gurevich is currently studying as a Presidential Gold Scholar at Georgia Tech and majoring in mathematics, physics and industrial engineering – an ideal combination of fields that he hopes will allow him to use mathematics as a way of understanding how things operate in his world and pursue a Ph.D. in applied mathematics.

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