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Thierry Henry

Daniel Henry is a businessperson who strives to ensure both his staff and clients receive accurate information. His hands-on management style encourages learning as much as possible to advance his company.

Recent documentaries that he has presented are Barbados – Road To A Republic and Britain After George Floyd, with audiences appreciating his sensitive yet empathic storytelling techniques.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Henry lived his early years in Redwood, California, where he experienced snow for the first time at age 7. This experience served as a spark that eventually propelled him towards meteorology and climate change research.

He spent much of his adult life teaching, founding the Alaska Native Oratory Society and leading a state speech educators’ association. Furthermore, he wrote extensively on frontier rhetoric both within Alaska and American West regions.

Henry is an esteemed professor of dance, performance studies and new technology whose research specializes in strengthening notions of Practice-as-Research, Arts-based-Research and Research/Creation in Canada. A bass-baritone singer himself, Henry has performed with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus; worked with artists like Dave Brubeck; as well as published numerous articles/books related to culture history & language studies.

Professional Career

Henry began his professional career in the financial services industry as a commodities trader, trading futures and options as well as commodity contracts like oil and gold across global markets. This experience allowed him to hone both his trading and risk management abilities.

As well as working as a television presenter and charity work, he also joined the UNICEF-FIFA team that promotes football as an inclusive sport for all and was an advocate of AIDS research, Stand Up Speak Up and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation initiatives.

He has broken multiple glass ceilings as both first-generation and millennial chair of Florida’s Duval County Democratic Party. Additionally, he served on Florida Democratic’s Executive Committee, Central Committee, Rules & Bylaws Committee, Campaign Committee as well as receiving the Northwestern University Law School Cum Laude Award.

Achievement and Honors

Henry was one of Arsenal’s premier strikers during his 20-year football career, scoring 228 goals for Arsenal and playing an integral role in reaching the 2006 Champions League Final against FC Barcelona (losing to them). Additionally, Henry twice finished as runner-up in European Footballer of the Year voting and won four FA Cups.

His sensitive and empathic approach to journalism has garnered him many accolades, such as being named best new presenter at ITV London in 2022. Furthermore, viewers and critics alike lauded his work on BBC Three documentary Abuse of Power: The Tim Westwood Story.

He is an accomplished bass-baritone who has performed with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, the Cleveland/San Jose Ballet Company and Cleveland/San Francisco Opera – in collaboration with musicians like Dave Brubeck and Maestro Daniel Barenboim.

Personal Life

Daniel Henry leaves behind his wife Roseann; sons John (Jennifer) Rodwell Meier of Appleton, WI; Curtis Meier of Rochester, MN and Mark Rodwell from Pardeeville WI; a daughter Mary Rodwell Van Grinsven in Bogota Colombia as well as stepsisters Judy Hagen and Peggy Sorenson as well as brother Tom Rodwell who reside in Milwaukee WI as well as eight grandchildren.

Trustee of Ethical Journalism Network and co-author of reporting guidelines for Media Trust on mental health coverage, and member of board for networking group We Are Black Journalists. He enjoys traveling and has produced documentary films. When not traveling he enjoys hiking and playing golf; avid reader with a love of jazz music!

Net Worth

Thierry Henry amassed his fortune through an accomplished professional soccer career that saw him play for some of the world’s premier clubs such as Arsenal, Barcelona and New York Red Bulls. His talent on the pitch earned him numerous awards and recognition.

Henry has further diversified his income through investing and real estate ownership. He owns multiple properties around London, Los Angeles, and elsewhere; additionally he holds investments with various companies and serves as financial advisor.

At Iht Wealth Management LLC in Villa Park, IL he holds a Series 66 license. In the last 18 months no insider transactions were reported to us by him (based on SEC filings or other sources); we cannot vouch for their accuracy however.

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