Daniel Holden

The Life of Daniel Holden

At five, Daniel was taken by his parents to visit a monastery. There he beseeched the abbot and brotherhood to admit him into their brotherhood – impressing St Simeon the stylite so much so that he was inspired to become part of it himself!

After nine years, Simeon began having visions of being taken up into heaven, leaving behind his column.

Early Life and Education

After the explosion, Dan was blinded and didn’t think he’d ever see again. Medication and multiple surgeries eventually restored his vision; yet his faith and dedication to his nation helped him through this difficult period.

He spent 33 years standing on columns of increasing heights, earning himself a reputation for miraculous healings, exorcisms and demon expulsions. Additionally, he became close with Emperor Leo and Augusta Eudoxia and participated in their rise, fall and reinstatement of Emperor Zeno.

Daniel heard a voice telling him to replace Saint Simeon on a column for nine years after he died, which when he did was shown off to everyone before it was carried off like an icon.

Professional Career

Daniel quickly adjusted to his foreign environment of captors and quickly emerged as an accomplished government administrator, excelling at every task given to him. Soon he gained the trust of multiple kings, was sought-out for advice by them, was known for interpreting dreams and visions, warned of impending disasters, survived a lion’s den battle, predicted future victory of Messiah’s kingdom as well as performing healing miracles on individuals while exorcising demons from people.

Saints like Daniel occupied an influential place within Christianity as they served as mediators between God (Pantokrater) and worshipers – making them popular with daily congregational service participants.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel was honored with the Flinn award, given out annually by AGU to honor scientists who epitomize “unselfish cooperation in research”. Daniel made significant contributions to making advanced instrumentation available to Earth science communities around the globe; these included advanced seismic observatories at universities as well as national laboratories such as Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Carnegie Institution of Washington.

He has excelled at adapting well in foreign environments and earned the respect of numerous kings and queens for his honest and fair dealings. Additionally, he possesses significant experience dealing with difficult situations as well as the ability to interpret dreams and visions.

He is deeply committed to his community, donating generously to various philanthropic causes and supporting military and law enforcement personnel through appearances and performances.

Personal Life

Born in 409, Daniel fled his parents at an early age to join a monastery, where he met St Simeon who stood on a column. When St Simeon passed on, Daniel heard an unsolicited warning to take up his mantle as St Simeon had once instructed.

Daniel lived on a column near Constantinople for 33 years, exorcising demons and healing the sick while earning the respect of Emperor Leo I and Augusta Eudoxia and other religious figures.

While on his column, he performed many miracles and gained an audience seeking healing or help with family matters from his prayers. Additionally, he experienced visions in which he was charged with exorcising churches possessed by demons; throughout his life his pious nature and miracle-granting helped overcome any resistance they presented him with.

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