Daniel Holifield

Daniel Holifield

Holifield worked 2,613 hours of overtime last year according to MCSO payroll documents; had it not been for taking time off for vacation and sickness, he would likely have spent nearly the whole year working overtime.

Holyfield is a four-time world heavyweight champion, having won both WBA and IBF titles simultaneously when he defeated Riddick Bowe in 1992. He often attends Benny Hinn crusades, claiming that they helped heal him of illness.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Hollifield hails from Harrisburg, Arkansas. After graduating Rector High School and enrolling at Arkansas State University, he taught biology, physics and human anatomy and physiology for five years before entering farming as a profession. A certified horticulturist himself, Daniel is well known in Clay County for raising cotton, rice, milo and soybean crops.

Payroll records reveal he worked over 2,600 overtime hours in 2021 alone. These included supervisor shift coverage, metro jail security detail, Mardi Gras detail and fleet replacement duties. His attorney Dennis Knizley claims his client may have taken some steps that weren’t proper but aren’t criminal in nature.

Danny Holifield leaves behind his wife Lura Ann; sons Larry and Danny Earle Holifield of Jonesboro Arkansas; daughter Amy Manchester with Ella and Kennedy Zgaynor of Poplar Bluff; brother Wesley Stallcup with Ann Stallcup from Cabot Arkansas as well as six grandchildren.

Professional Career

Daniel Hollifield of Waycross, Georgia developed a strong work ethic while working at his first job in a southeast Georgia animal clinic – an experience which provided the groundwork for his future veterinary medicine skillset.

As well as his veterinary work, Dr. Petrie has made appearances on numerous television programs and hosted the original version of Strictly Come Dancing in 1987. Additionally, he made an appearance in 2005 special Strictly Champions pairing winners from previous series with British professional dancers.

According to MCSO payroll documents, Holifield worked a total of 2,613 overtime hours over one year without taking any vacations – an average of 92 hours every week for 365 days if taken as reported. Sheriff Scott states he suspects Holifield may have falsified his overtime hours in some way.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Holifield has earned numerous accolades over his distinguished career, most recently receiving the Department of Energy Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). Daniel specializes in nuclear astrophysics at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Physics Division.

Mobile County sheriff’s Sergeant Thomas White was arrested this week on charges of three counts of theft of property and 10 counts of possessing forged instruments. Court documents allege the sergeant used official sheriff’s office letterhead to forge signatures of 10 coworkers to buy three cars: 2005 Pontiac GTO, 2013 Highlander and 2015 Malibu. According to Mobile County’s sheriff’s Office, these crimes began back in 2020 with one incident occurring just over one week ago.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office states it is fully cooperating with an ongoing investigation.

Personal Life

Holifield had several telephone conversations with Unum representatives between April and May, during which she expressed displeasure that Unum representatives did not comprehend the information Dr. Kundargi provided them, such as physical therapy evaluations from him. She further complained that Kundargi refused to evaluate possible psychological or neurological causes for her symptoms – an integral step in the diagnostic process.

Unum argued in its denial letter for Holifield that she did not appear to be receiving regular medical care for her disabling conditions as required by her policy. More specifically, Unum noted she did not appear to be receiving care from a physician for chronic fatigue and pain or any impairment preventing her from engaging in her usual work activities, per AR 295. Unum reiterated its decision was based on objective medical evidence provided by its own doctors and this decision had nothing to do with subjective feelings about Holifield being disabled or being denied benefits by Unum.

Net Worth

Daniel Holifield accumulated a net worth of over $7.65 Million as of 2021. He completed three trades of Globus Medical Inc stock, owning 100,000 units as of 2 July 2021 and purchasing 10 cars using Mobile County Sheriff’s Office letterhead since 2020. Additionally, Daniel has worked extra hours with shift coverage, metro jail security, Mardi Gras detail, fleet replacement as well as his regular salary duties.

Dennis Knizley, his attorney, contends that these purchases should have been captured by the payroll system but were missed because they were manual entries. According to him, this should not be considered theft and that his client has an exceptional work ethic and strong work ethics; his mother being one of his major influences in life and career decisions.

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