Daniel Holko

Daniel Holko

Radware’s Threat Intelligence division relies on him as their lead researcher, producing actionable intelligence against botnet-related threats.

Technical writing is also one of his passions and has seen his work published on topics including TOR browser forensics and an emerging cloud-focused botnet. Additionally, he enjoys coaching first time speakers at BSidesLV as part of their Speaker Path program and is an avid follower of Defcon Speaker Path program.

Professional Career

He is an enthusiastic hacker and security researcher, having worked in this field for more than 12 years. His areas of focus include offensive security, spear-phishing attacks, building software applications and building software platforms. In addition, he has presented at various hacking conferences.

He currently works in Radware’s threat intelligence division and uses attack pattern analysis and actionable intelligence to safeguard customers. Additionally, he works behind-the-scenes to detect botnet threats and vulnerabilities.

He is the co-creator of Injectyll-HIDe, an open source hardware implant designed for red teams. His passion lies in breaking down silos and making government more inclusive to cyber talent, so when he’s not silo hunting he can often be found lifting weights or learning martial arts at the gym. Plus he’s a father to toddler and recovering spinal cord injury victim!

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Holko was recently honored with an MBE for services to Cyber Security by Her Majesty the Queen in 2019. Daniel has spoken at various hacking conferences such as DEF CON’s Car Hacking Village, 44CON, B-Sides London and Cymru; in addition to ZDNet magazine.

In 2014, he sustained a spinal cord injury which rendered him paralysed from waist down. Although in a wheelchair for life, he never let his injuries stop him from pursuing his passion for music and never allowed them to hinder him in any way. His journey has inspired many and served as a role model for people living with disabilities as well as being an advocate for equal rights for all.

Personal Life

Daniel Holko was born and raised in Pittsburgh. Upon graduating college he worked as a systems administrator before changing careers and being accepted into the city fire academy. While training to be a firefighter he was hit by a car, suffering spinal cord injuries at two vertebrae c5 and c6 which ultimately proved fatal for him after eight years of fighting his condition. His life will always remain remembered fondly.

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