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Daniel Kordash – A Popular Celebrity

Daniel Kordash is a popular celebrity who has made significant money through his work. His efforts have allowed him to gain immense respect around the globe. Now at the peak of his game, his hard work is paying off and his success can no longer be denied.

As indicated in the table below, he has been associated with several companies over time and currently serves as CEO of M2B Funding Corp, an investment fund providing funding solutions for small and middle market companies nationwide.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Kordash is one of the world’s best-known celebrities, known for his amusing humanitarian works and earning accolades from high-ranking officials around the globe.

He graduated from Kellogg High School and the University of Idaho. Married to his high school sweetheart and having three children together. His passions included woodworking, traveling and delicious foods.

He was involved in an extended tax evasion case involving Swiss banks, and has substantial assets in the US. Additionally, he filed multiple suits against Customs and Border Patrol officers under both Bivens and Federal Tort Claims Acts; courts ultimately found in his favor on grounds of qualified immunity.

Professional Career

As part of his career, he has worked at multiple companies and this has allowed him to accrue considerable wealth through salaries.

He has won multiple awards for his contributions to society, helping him to get noticed by many individuals.

Daniel Kordash currently works for M2B Funding, a private equity firm which invests in small and middle market companies nationwide. For five years he has served as President at this organization.

Before joining M2B Funding, Mr. Jones served as managing partner and head of structured products at Dominion Capital. He holds Series 7, 63 and 79 licenses and has raised and structured upwards of $20,000,000 for Public Companies through both PIPE transactions and Registered Offerings.

Achievement and Honors

Over his career, he has received much acclaim for his efforts to entertain humanity. Numerous high-ranking officials have given him numerous accolades that made him well known around the globe and made him into an internationally acclaimed celebrity who continues to inspire many around the globe.

In November 2018, Kordash filed a Bivens claim against Customs and Border Protection officers individually known as John Does 16 alleging violations to his rights under the Fourth Amendment by unlawfully detaining him without probable cause, his Fifth Amendment right to freedom of association, and First Amendment freedom of speech. The district court rejected Kordash’s Bivens claim on grounds that his allegations failed to show officers used excessive force or unreasonable detention against him.

Personal Life

He is known to be very kind-hearted and has done many selfless acts for humanity, which earned him numerous honors from high ranking officials.

He has established himself globally and garnered many fans around the globe. Now living in one of the most prominent cities of his country with his beautiful wife.

He has an immense following on social media and limited information is known about his personal life; however, fans can get in touch with him using either his office number or Facebook and Twitter accounts; additionally, he is well known for his charitable initiatives.

Net Worth

Daniel Kordash is a widely recognized celebrity worldwide. Known for his hard work and creative approach to life, Daniel has worked tirelessly to achieve such prominence – which he is greatly respected by people all around the globe.

He has received many honors and awards for his excellent contributions to mankind, receiving multiple praise from high-ranking officials.

He currently serves as President of M2B Funding Corporation, a principal investment company for small and middle market companies nationwide. Over five years ago he gained invaluable experience working on this field by raising and structuring over $20,000,000 through both Private Placement Equity transactions (PIPEs) and Registered Offerings transactions for Public companies.

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