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Daniel Koval, a Judge in Madison County, Shares His Passion for Public Service

As Madison City Civil Court judge, Daniel Koval found working with juvenile offenders particularly fulfilling. Additionally, he has assisted community members in connecting to services and resources.

Daniel Koval is an enthusiastic free diver who has dived to depths exceeding 100 meters, competing in both the Caribbean Cup and Cmas freediving world championships.

Early Life and Education

At age 12, Koval started spearfishing off California’s coastline, becoming fascinated with its underwater world. Always wanting to work for public service, he attended an FBI information session despite dissuasion from his uncle due to its stringent hiring standards.

Once back in Western Massachusetts, Koval started his gift business that offered cuckoo clocks and other products before creating the Duop mop. Through their research they found that cleaning staff in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and other workplaces frequently experience neck and shoulder discomfort due to their work; as a result, they wanted to develop something to address these problems – eventually this business became his main priority in life.

Professional Career

Koval cofounded Heads Up Design, which produced cuckoo clocks and farm animals. However, upon returning to the U.S. he began developing the Duop mop as his focus – conducting extensive research in order to provide room attendants and window washers in hotels, office buildings, and long-term care homes with relief from pain caused by their jobs.

At an early age, Koval credits his parents with instilling in him an early sense of dedication to public service. Alongside his brother Mike Koval of MPD and Madison Police Chief Mike Koval, both brothers have dedicated themselves to making Madison better through public service careers. Koval as City Judge worked on issues of homelessness and racial justice while simultaneously making court more accessible for those unable to afford attorneys themselves.

Achievement and Honors

Koval’s record was no easy accomplishment; he worked hard and overcame every barrier associated with deep free diving to reach this achievement. Additionally, he needed to learn how to overcome his mental limits.

Kova became only the third American diver ever to break through 100 meters using constant weight monofin diving techniques and set an America National Record in this discipline.

In 2019, he made history yet again at the Caribbean Cup by diving to 108m CWT and was awarded a bronze medal at CMAS World Championships, becoming the first American ever to earn one! He continues competing and strives to better himself every year.

Personal Life

Koval, who serves as a judge in Madison County, said his most rewarding work has been helping homeless individuals access services and assistance. Furthermore, his work with juvenile offenders at court has been one of the highlights of his career.

Koval and Kristin, two professional free divers who consider free-diving an important form of spiritual practice, train in Honaunau Bay six days each week for free-diving competition. They consider the sport both physically and mentally demanding.

Daniel began spearfishing along the California coastline at 12 and soon discovered an underwater world he never knew existed. By 2010 he took courses at Freediving Instructors International where, under guidance of 13-time world record holder Martin Stepanek, he began progressing as a freediver.

Net Worth

Koval, born and raised in Madison, was instilled with a sense of civic duty by his parents from an early age. Both brothers remain employed within public service today – Mike as police chief and Daniel as city court judge.

Koval noted his long career has seen numerous shifts within both fields. Working with juvenile offenders to provide them with services was among his most rewarding endeavors.

Koval finds great joy in working with the homeless. Along with his brother, they have launched a project that provides assistance with work, housing, and food to these individuals. Koval founded Worksafe Technology which developed a Duop mop system; his inspiration for it came after witnessing a cleaning attendant struggle with back pain in a hotel room.

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