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Career Highlights of Daniel Landsman

Brenda Landsman of Old Greenwich watched with mixed feelings at Katie Landsman, her 10-year-old daughter who has autism, dancing in white dresses at her First Communion ceremony last summer. As they all twirled in white gowns she thought back on this special momentous event from years prior and it still brought sadness with each turn twirled by young ladies dressed in white.

Daniel serves as Vice President of Operations for Sloane & Company, overseeing operations for industry-leading communications firms. Before this role, he held positions with Kettle Digital Agency (an independent digital agency) and Pompei C3 Design Firm which creates brand experiences for global clients.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Landsman holds several professional roles across industries. Currently he serves as Senior Director of Operations & HR at Leopard Solutions, a legal market intelligence provider. Daniel possesses vast experience building analytical understanding and creating more efficient business strategies in multiple fields.

He has an outstanding track record of supporting working families. In the past, he fought to increase wages and hazard pay for first responders while spearheading an initiative that led to the first Project Labor Agreement in Philadelphia, creating hundreds of good jobs on city projects.

Nationally, he has advocated for raising the minimum wage and expanding access to quality preschool. Furthermore, he has called for lower gas and prescription drug costs.

Professional Career

Landsman used her senior year at SHSU to travel to Bosnia for an academic conference, work for Texas legislation, and secure one of journalism’s most desirable internships: with veteran broadcaster Dan Rather. Dustin Meador, Landsman’s internship supervisor from Higher Education Committee at Texas House of Representatives says she managed to remain enthusiastic even during long legislative sessions like last session.

Daniel has served as Vice President of Operations for Sloane & Company since 2017. Prior to this role, he managed Kettle and the Lively Group which provides digital, interactive, creative post-production services as well as real estate finance expertise. Daniel also boasts experience working with early pioneers of mobile programmatic ecosystems as well as data analytics expertise.

Achievement and Honors

Landsman is an award-winning accounting scholar and financial accounting professor, teaching courses on financial accounting at several top institutions worldwide. Most recently he was honored with a Doctor Honoris Causa from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj, Romania which recognizes academic accomplishments while contributing to cultural and social life – one of Europe’s highest honors given out for academic achievements and contributions made towards culture and society in Europe.

He is also a pioneer of international educational exchanges between universities. Working closely with UNC Kenan-Flagler to establish graduate student exchange programs with Czech, Portuguese and Austrian universities.

Last fall, she traveled to Bosnia to assist at an Alliance of Universities for Democracy conference and document its events as well as managing social media for them. Since that experience, she is considering attending graduate school in journalism.

Personal Life

Daniel Landsman has worked across multiple industries during his distinguished career. With expertise in operations, HR, and communications – as well as being Senior Director of Operations & HR at Leopard Solutions – Daniel has an array of industry experience to call upon in his current position.

Cochi was well acquainted with Landsman and Florence from frequent visits to each other’s homes; she frequently went shopping together, helping him schedule medical appointments. Golda Kruger lived just half a block from Landsman, so they saw each other frequently until his death.

Cochi was aware of Landsman’s blindness, but did not feel it was significant in drafting either his 1988 or 1990 wills. Florence signed both wills while Cochi read it aloud to her in her presence and she interrupted at various points while reading. Cochi provided Florence with a typewritten list of Landsman’s wishes for the estate as well.

Net Worth

Dan also advises high net worth individuals on trust and estate matters, helping preserve wealth through reduced income, gift and generation-skipping transfer taxes. Furthermore, he assists them with lifetime wealth transfers to optimize tax efficiency as well as restructuring assets to optimize tax efficiency.

Greenwald states that Landsman had some vision, as evidenced by his testimony regarding Florence Simon’s will preparation in 1988 and how it included individual bequests of $5,000 each to Bernice Simon, Joan Simon, Seth Simon and several Jewish charities he bequeathed $10,000 to. Furthermore, Landsman stated they spoke two or three times each week via telephone as well as socializing on all major Jewish holidays together; Klein described him as an extremely generous individual.

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