Daniel Lazcano

Daniel Lazcano, a Sculptor, Was Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder in Spokane County, Washington, in 2012

Two years ago, a jury in Spokane County found Daniel Lazcano guilty of first-degree murder for shooting and killing Marcus Schur. A judge sentenced Lazcano to 27 years of incarceration while Lazcano’s fiancee wept as she heard the verdict being read aloud.

Frank and Daniel Lazcano dumped Schur’s body in Bonnie Lake after fleeing his home, telling Ambrosia Jones they were upset over the theft of their firearms.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was a prophet who interpreted dreams for foreign rulers. The Bible mentions him multiple times, as an example of someone who prospered despite living abroad due to trusting God. Additionally, Daniel stands as a symbol for perseverance.

On December 27, 2011, Frank and Daniel Lazcano traveled from Spokane to Travis Carlon’s house in Pine City, three miles west of Maiden, where they met McKyndree Rogers – his partner’s girlfriend.

Ambrosia Jones could see through the window of Nick Backman’s house in Maiden and saw two white cars carrying Frank and Daniel Lazcano pursuing Marcus Schur, whom Lazcano suspected had stolen two firearms with sentimental value from him. She knew they were pursuing Marcus Schur because their arms had been taken by Schur earlier that morning from their brother.

Professional Career

On December 27, 2011, Daniel Lazcano and brother Frank are said to have pursued Marcus Schur from his Malden, Washington home into a dark alley where they shot twice with Frank’s AK-47 before packing him away in Daniel’s white 1992 Ford Escort and disposing of him in Whitman County.

Tim Cox conducted an interview with Daniel during his investigation. According to Cox’s testimony, Frank told him he went to Nick Backman’s home alone after receiving an anonymous tip regarding a burglary attempt and shot Marcus before fleeing back home alone.

After Lazcano underwent his second trial, the Superior Court judge rejected his plea agreement and ordered a third trial to take place. His attorney stated his intentions of seeking yet another one.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Lazcano’s sculpture can be found in museums and public collections across the nation, such as di Rosa Preserve, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Additionally, his art has been showcased by publications like The San Francisco Chronicle, Mother Jones Magazine and Los Angeles Times.

Lazcano defected from a Mexican army unit established to fight drug traffickers and joined the Zetas, an elite unit affiliated with the Gulf Cartel known for their brutal enforcer wing – known for killing rivals mercilessly – as soon as he could. Lazcano became one of Mexico’s most secretive cartel leaders by opting against displays of wealth or power and maintaining low profiles instead.

Travis Carlon of Pine City testified during the trial for Daniel and Frank Lazcano in December 2011, that when the brothers arrived with Marcus Schur’s body in their trunk they took it straight to Hole-in-the-Ground creek nearby and dumped it there.

Personal Life

The initial two trials of Daniel Lazcano cost the Whitman County Court approximately $15,600 in expenses related to mileage reimbursement to jurors and witnesses as well as each juror receiving daily pay of $10 per day.

Ben Evensen lived in Rosalia, an agricultural community on the border between Whitman and Spokane counties thirty-three miles south of Spokane City. Both brothers suspected Marcus Schur of breaking in due to him possessing two firearms belonging to them and both brothers told Susan Consiglio they planned on confronting Schur.

Frank Lazcano sat next to his brother at the defense table during trial and refused to answer each State question about Malden, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Net Worth

Christianson presented Frank and Daniel Lazcano’s relationship as one in which one dominant sibling is controlling over another sibling, with Marcus Schur’s shooting occurring by accident and not with premeditation or malice in mind.

Tim Cox testified that he interviewed Daniel Lazcano after his arrest, yet Frank Lazcano objected to admitting Daniel’s statements at trial as part of evidence against him due to invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

After their interview, Frank and Daniel visited Ambrosia Jones in Malden to inform her they had an issue with her due to her theft of firearms from Lazcanos’ arsenal. Frank and Daniel made clear they intended on killing her if she failed to return them; Ambrosia relayed their words back to Marcus Schur, who eventually gave back the weapons back.

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