Daniel Lemor

Dr Daniel Lemor -Ophthalmology Specialist in South Gate, CA

Dr. Daniel Lemor is an Ophthalmology specialist based out of South Gate, CA with over 10 years of experience. A graduate from University of Queensland Medical School, he currently practices at Eye Care Surgical Center affiliated with East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital while accepting multiple insurance plans – and is board-certified in Ophthalmology!

Early Life and Education

Dr Daniel Lemor is an Ophthalmology Specialist located in South Gate, CA who attended University of Queensland Medical School before beginning their practice on Corneal Disease claims.

He worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission during his second-year summer, reviewing corporate disclosure statements to ensure compliance with accounting and disclosure requirements for publicly traded companies. His lack of self-consciousness made an impressionful first impression among many who knew him.

He was a tireless champion of classical music, hosting fundraising dinners for the Houston Symphony and donating an antique violin made by Stradivarius pupil Nicolo Amati to them. Additionally, he supported other arts forms by serving on boards for Houston Grand Opera and University of Houston Moores School of Music.

Professional Career

Daniel Lemor is a physician and surgeon specializing in Ophthalmology. He earned his education at UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND MEDICAL SCHOOL and currently practices at East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital with an average patient rating of 3.7 and is accepting new patients. Daniel is qualified to diagnose, monitor, medically or surgically treat all diseases of the eye and visual system and accepts Medicare assignment; additionally his office accepts Medicare assignment while speaking Spanish fluency is welcomed as his office in South Gate is licensed for practice by California regulations where his office currently practices under.

Net Worth

Once he left New York’s Julliard School for Houston Symphony, Danny Dror pursued real estate development and diversified his business holdings. He owned many downtown buildings – such as 2016 Main which doubled as an office in Urban Cowboy – as well as land that became Kemah Boardwalk and was an active supporter of classical music – patronising Itzhak Perlman while owning an antique violin by Stradivarius mentor Nicolo Amati.

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