Daniel Mandelbaum

From Dust to Dust by Daniel Mandelbaum

Jupiter Contemporary presents Daniel Mandelbaum’s inaugural solo exhibition, From Dust to Dust. Through ceramic sculptures and wall-based tiles, Mandelbaum creates his signature language from ancient cultural artifacts to everyday phenomena in 21st-century life – using objects, figures, animals, celestial bodies and materials in ways that encourage reading and decoding to spark off narratives about his paintings and sculptures.

Early Life and Education

He earned his BFA at Pratt Institute. Since then, his works have been shown at V1, Copenhagen; Stems Gallery of Brussels; Sim Smith Gallery in London; Marvin Gardens New York and Current Space Baltimore.

Mandelbaum’s parents survived the Holocaust in Poland and Germany. After spending time in displaced person camps, they were able to regain their footing and reintegrate back into society after the war ended.

At first, he served as his father’s assistant before teaching English and Comparative Literature at Sarah Lawrence College from 1964-1965 and serving as professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University Center of the City of New York from 1965-1980. Additionally, he published numerous books during this time, acting as lecturer or visiting professor at numerous universities across Italy (such as Florence).

Professional Career

Dan has extensive experience assisting investors, financial services and corporate clients with complex financing, commercial transactions and creditors rights matters. He is adept at handling unsecured and secured asset based financings including syndicated, unitranche, single lender and structured arrangements as well as securitizations, factoring and acquisition financings and debtor-in-possession finance arrangements.

Mandelbaum explores this reality through sculptural works like Dogu (2022). He creates a visual lexicon through juxtaposing shapes, which viewers can decode and decipher to generate new narratives and histories.

He received his BFA from Pratt Institute and has exhibited extensively across both North America and Europe at venues like V1, Copenhagen; Stems Gallery Brussels, Sim Smith London Sim Smith Europa New York Marvin Gardens Los Angeles Stanley’s and Current Space Baltimore.

Achievement and Honors

Environment Shareholder David Mandelbaum from global law firm Greenberg Traurig will receive a Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI) Lifetime Achievement Award during their 2022 Pennsylvania Environmental Law Forum. These PBI awards honor those who have made significant contributions to both legal communities and Pennsylvania as a whole.

AKERA: In your role at ACM as external ambassador to NSF and government representatives as well as having internal responsibilities at ACM, how did you strike a balance?

Well, while many were eager for more and improved academic publications, others expressed concern that starting all these new journals would take too much time and energy.

Personal Life

Daniel Mandelbaum is a Family Mediator located in Toronto, Ontario. With over two decades of experience as a mediator, he believes a peaceful divorce resolution is within reach provided all parties work together towards it. Additionally, his philosophy states that an impartial mediator should treat all cases equally.

Mandelbaum creates an engaging visual vocabulary through his ceramic sculptures and wall-based tile works that draws from ancient cultural artifacts, celestial bodies, religious icons and daily 21st century phenomena – such as celestial bodies or religious icons – as well as twenty-first century phenomena such as traffic signals or traffic jams. Mandelbaum describes this lexicon as being like “a coded message from time” because objects, symbols and meaning may ultimately lose their value over time.

His work has been featured at V1 in Copenhagen; Stems Gallery in Brussels; and Sim Smith in London. Currently residing and working out of Queens New York.

Net Worth

Dan has established himself as an accomplished real estate developer, investing in value add shopping centers and ground-up multifamily projects. He holds an MS in Real Estate Development from Columbia University.

He currently sits on the boards of Vornado Realty Trust and Alexanders, Inc. – a department store chain-turned real estate investment trust – as well as co-owning the Minnesota Vikings of NFL.

Forbes estimates his estimated net worth at $810 million. He resides with his wife Debra in a six-bedroom house in Warren, Somerset County where they share two children; it is valued at $2 million. In addition, Debra is part of an ownership group at 220 Central Park South luxury tower project that will sell for an expected sale price of $3.4 billion.

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