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Dan Maton Competes in Track and Cross Country, But His Eyes Are Set on the Mile

Dan Maton hails from a long line of runners; his father, Jim Maton, won an NCAA Indoor 800 meters Championship. Nowadays, Dan competes both on track and cross country while setting his sights on becoming an elite mile runner in time for next year.

Maton will serve as designated hitter while Jonathan Schoop takes the field at third base and bats sixth for Tuesday’s doubleheader.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Maton of Camas High School comes from an illustrious running family in Oregon; with both of his parents winning NCAA distance titles in indoor 800 meters while Michelle ran as an All-American barefoot at Indiana University; siblings Ashley and Matthew also achieved high school state champion status before Daniel made an attempt at running sub-4 minute miles as high schoolers. Now in his junior year at Camas, Daniel hopes to join their ranks by running sub-4 minute miles himself!

Professional Career

Every time Camas High School senior Daniel Maton steps onto an oval, high expectations await him – such is life when you come from a family of runners such as his. His father Jim won NCAA distance titles; Michelle won two Oregon high school state titles while Ashley and Matthew each competed at university levels.

Maton was sent down after making a costly error during Sunday’s 6-3 loss against the Twins. With Zack Short, Andy Ibanez and Jonathan Schoop all competing for spots in Detroit’s infield, 26-year-old may need to wait before getting another opportunity with them; for now he’ll act as designated hitter while hitting eighth.

Achievement and Honors

Camas High School senior Daniel Maton enters each oval with high expectations on him, as his family boasts a long legacy of running success – parents Jim and Michelle Maton won NCAA distance titles while in college; Ashley and Matthew Maton became state champions at Bend High School; while Daniel himself earned All-Region Boys Track Athletes of the Year accolades in both 800 meters and 1,600 meters races this year.

Maton’s goal for this track season is a sub-4 minute mile. His primary target will be either one of the regional indoor races or competing at the USA Junior Outdoor Championships in Indiana; eventually though he hopes to join University of Washington’s track and cross country teams where he plans on running both tracks and cross country events.

Personal Life

Camas High School senior Daniel Maton comes from a distinguished running family with high expectations that follow him each time he steps onto the track at Camas. His dad Jim won a national 800 meters championship at Eastern Illinois University while Michelle, his mom, was one of Indiana University’s premier runners and an All-American at 800 meters — their children Ashley and Matthew both became Oregon state champions before going on to run at Oregon.

Maton, who recently signed with University of Washington, sets his own goals. One of his primary focuses this track season is breaking four minutes for one mile; for him this milestone would represent a major victory on behalf of Camas Papermakers.

Net Worth

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Maton will need to deliver for the Phillies until Segura returns from his IL stint, so far in three games this week he recorded five hits with one being used to score Mickey Moniak in the bottom of the second inning on Tuesday.

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