Daniel Maurice

Daniel Maurice Wagner

Daniel Dreifuss had all of the charm and sophistication necessary for being an independent watch brand founder and manager. His charismatic nature made running an independent watch brand cool.

He offered help and advice freely, offering his guidance and mentorship to Massimo and Leo, his sons who currently run Maurice de Mauriac.

Professional Career

Daniel Dreifuss had both the fearlessness of a street vendor and worldliness of fashion designer in him. As an industry pioneer in luxury watch making, he understood that appearance matters greatly in customer relationships. To meet customer desires he developed an innovative modular-based watch system which allowed him to “Lego-build” watches tailored specifically for each individual customer’s requirements. Proud of his atelier near Zurich center he mentored both sons – Massimo and Leo – helping them take the family business in new directions without losing its heritage roots. Daniel died in 2010 leaving behind an outstanding legacy within family business legacy which continues today in their sons’ hands.

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Personal Life

Dan was known for his fearlessness. Never daunted by closed doors or private customers, his arms were always open when helping.

He had both the spirit of a street hawker and fashion designer. He understood how to sell watches with flair that appealed to discerning consumers.

He was also an amazing father; he mentored and watched as his sons progressed into running the company he created, teaching them everything possible while giving them enough autonomy to keep his legacy alive. His death will be felt throughout the watch industry and beyond. He will be missed.

Net Worth

Daniel Maurice Wagner has become one of the most acclaimed actors and hosts in Canadian film. Following in the footsteps of his famous actor father Eugene Wagner, who himself had an enormous amount of success as an actor himself, Daniel has followed in his father’s footsteps by appearing in many successful films and TV shows as an actor himself, but also being known for hosting on numerous social media platforms and even owning his own production house!

Daniel is an attractive gentleman with the ideal height of 6’0″. He takes great care to maintain his body and stay fit.

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