Daniel McHenry

Daniel McHenry

Daniel McHenry is a New York City-based character actor specializing in quirky and unique comedic roles. He has played men, women, leprechauns and children across comedies, dramas, musicals, commercials and Shakespeare productions.

He was recently appointed Group 1 Automotive’s chief financial officer, succeeding longtime CFO John Rickel.

Early Life and Education

He enjoyed great success as a merchant and invested in local real estate. However, eventually he gave up his shares in two mercantile partnerships to take public office without private business interests compromising his judgement.

Born to Irish parents in 1753, he attended Dublin for formal instruction before proceeding to Newark Academy – later to become University of Delaware – for further studies.

He served on Washington’s staff for two and a half years, during which time he saw action at Monmouth and Springfield, New Jersey, his work on army staff convinced him of the necessity for a dedicated professional officer corps and participated in Philadelphia Constitutional Convention as an advocate of federalism.

Professional Career

Daniel McHenry currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer at Group 1 Automotive and has been with them since 2007, serving as Finance Director for their Chandlers BMW operation in England.

He is also the father of Grand Duke Travis and paternal grandfather to Prince Ashton Roman. In 2015, he was appointed Consul of Westarctica in Stillwater Borough in Pennsylvania where he has installed a flagpole with which to fly their Consulate’s flag each winter after its first snowfall.

Daniel is an NYC based professional character actor specializing in quirky, unique and comedic roles, performing comedies, musicals, Shakespearean works and commercials ranging from homeless alcoholic to flamboyant gay man to leprechaun to tragic-comical dimwit. His niche ranges from being homeless alcoholic through leprechaun with good heart all the way to tragic-comical dimwit with good hearts!

Personal Life

McHenry was an active member of the Presbyterian church. He married and had three children; only two would reach adulthood; his eldest son Daniel died after being thrown off a horse during a trip to western Maryland and passed away at 20; Anna suffered tuberculosis which took her life at 15. John, however, would go on to fight in the Battle of North Point during the War of 1812.

He spent his last years on his estate of “Fayetteville” near Baltimore, Maryland and was an ardent opponent of the War of 1812. In 1816 he died peacefully while sleeping, being laid to rest at Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery in Baltimore.

Net Worth

Daniel McHenry is a professional NYC actor specializing in quirky character roles. In the last four years he has appeared in 10 commercials and performed Shakespeare; among his roles include homeless alcoholic, flamboyant gay man, leprechaun and tragic-comical dimwit with good hearts. Additionally he serves as honorary consul of Westarctica (flying their flag whenever Grand Duke Travis visits NYC), has no insider transactions at Group 1 Automotive Inc (GPI) over 18 months, nor any involvment with GPI).

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