Daniel Norden

Daniel Norden

Nugget mulches provide decorative and long-term cover for acid loving plants like roses and azaleas.

Fair suggests applying preemergent herbicide prior to mulching helps with weed control, and adding organic matter such as shredded bark into the soil may improve its condition.

Black mulch crafted from aged oak, ash, maple and other hardwoods combined with leaf compost and charcoal creates an impressive dark tone in landscape designs.

Early Life and Education

Mulch is an organic or inorganic material spread over garden and lawn soil to limit evaporation and help the soil retain moisture, helping plants, grass, and trees flourish while simultaneously restricting weed growth for a finished landscape.

We specialize in manufacturing and bulk supplying quality hardwood, pine needle and cedar mulches that are produced daily onsite to guarantee maximum quality.

Midnight mulch is a dark blend of aged oak, ash, maple and other hardwoods mixed with leaf compost and charcoal particles for a beautiful dark tone in flowering plants. No significant differences among treatments were noted regarding plant height, leaf and stem dry weights or the number of flowers per plant; additionally there were no interactions between mulches and insecticides.

Professional Career

Mulching can help control weeds, maintain soil moisture retention and add an aesthetic finishing touch to garden beds. At Garden Source Inc. we carry an expansive selection of garden mulch and topsoil from natural hardwood, pine needle, cedar mulches manufactured daily for consistent quality delivery in bulk or bagged forms for your convenience. In addition we also stock topsoil compost products. Calculating how much mulch you require can be challenging so when selecting your bed area(s), separate those measurements first before adding all together rather than using simple formulae such as total square footage = = mulch required amount needed! When selecting bed areas separately before calculating final total square footage can give accurate results.

Achievement and Honors

In 2018, Daniel Norden was honored by Indiana Nursery & Landscape Association with their Nursery & Landscape Achievement Award, honoring those who have given freely of their time to strengthen the green industry in Indiana.

High school football coach Tammy Taylor struggles to come up with enough money for an NFL-grade scoreboard and full-time groundskeeping crew, and when her smarmy assistant Buddy Garrity fails to coax enough townpeople into funding them she turns to one of the more practical fundraising methods available-selling mulch.

Tim Riggins worries his mulch-selling will interfere with his underage drinking and sexual life; Landry Clarke worries his time away from his super-hot girlfriend will prevent his college football scholarship being approved; yet soon they realize working together as a team is key to their success.

Personal Life

Personal life for Mulch includes two daughters and seven grandchildren living in Guernsey County, Ohio. He serves on Byesville Village Council as well as Speedy Mulch which specializes in collecting yard waste materials to reprocess into mulch for recycling purposes.

Anglocentricity comes through loud and clear when considering his fascination for bilious colours such as blood, vomit and spit that he immerses his Russian prisoners into. Yet this also shows an unwillingness to conform with polite society – for instance he tells the narrator of House of Meetings that heaven ‘is so full of blood and shit’; death for him represents creativity and new beginnings.

Net Worth

Daniel has taken advantage of his vast wealth and connections to invest in numerous ventures throughout his business career, currently boasting an estimated net worth of $6,255,025. As an active business leader with his own supply company (Daniel’s Supply Company), Daniel supplies various hardwood, pine needle and cedar mulches throughout the year to meet customer demand; each product is blended at Daniel’s facility daily to ensure quality and consistency.

The Mulch Company began in the late ’90s when founder Tony Emmanuel was on one of his tours of Jack Daniel’s Distillery. While there, he noticed granulated charcoal was used to purify whiskey but ended up dumped behind the distillery as waste, sparking his imagination into creating black mulch we still use today!

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