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Artist Profile – Daniel Pontet

Daniel Pontet is an award-winning multimedia artist known for his distinctive style. His works range from political cartoons and courtroom sketches, murals and illustrations to live art performances known as Impulse Art Experience which include music.

Since 1991, Uruguayan-born artist Marcelo Silva has resided in South Florida. As well as being a painter of both murals and paintings, as well as being an accomplished illustrator and caricature artist.

Early Life and Education

Pontet is a multidisciplinary artist renowned for igniting South Florida’s cultural scene for over three decades. As an illustrator, political cartoonist, courtroom sketch artist and muralist; as well as having participated in over 200 art shows exhibiting in them and teaching workshops as an art instructor; Pontet has long been one of South Florida’s cultural staples.

David Haines provides portraits of defendants in federal cases for news outlets like the Miami Herald, Reuters and AP. Drawing these individuals charged with grave offenses takes an emotional toll; yet David strives to keep it light with each client he works with.

His estate in Pauillac, next door to Mouton-Rothschild and Lafite-Rothschild, employs horses rather than tractors for tending the vines; biodynamic techniques have proven highly successful on his estate.

Professional Career

Daniel Pontet worked as an artist, political cartoonist and courtroom sketch artist as well as being a muralist and designer.

His current work centers around live art performances (known as ‘Impulse Art Experience’) performed to music. These art events utilize action painting – an artistic movement born during the 1950s which revolutionized our understanding of art – as their foundation.

He uses his feet at these events to use their pulse as an inspiration to create impulses on canvas and respond to rhythms of music – opening up new pathways of creativity for him.

He has performed at numerous local and international art events such as Art Americas and Miami River during Art Basel week in South Florida, and regularly performing during Hollywood Art Walk.

Achievement and Honors

Pontet has long been recognized for his multidisciplinary artistic talents since arriving in South Florida in 1991. Since then, his works have been displayed both within Latin America and North America. Pontet has won multiple awards as a political cartoonist, illustrator, courtroom sketch artist and courtroom sketch artist; these have garnered him national and international acclaim.

He is well known for his mural and body painting work, having received numerous accolades including first prize in Miami division of 2004 Hispanic Heritage Month Art Contest sponsored by Heineken as well as second place finish at 2009 Small Format Malmo Art Exhibition.

Pontet was known to his loved ones as an attentive father and friend; often found in his studio making coffee or listening to Indian music.

Personal Life

Daniel Pontet has long been a driving force in South Florida’s cultural scene with his paintings, caricatures, political cartoons and courtroom sketches; more recently he’s added illustrations and silkscreen.

His early series – both realist and expressionism, or neo expressionist circles – share outstanding characteristics such as accomplished drawing, thoughtful compositions, mathematically precise structures, distortions and deliberate elongations, along with polychrome palette. These works are filled with feelings, thoughts and meditations while not lacking drama and lyricism.

His current focus has been live art performances (he aptly names them ‘Impulse Art Experience’ along with music). These paint fusion events use his feet instead of brushes to generate impulses on canvas inspired by rhythms he hears or feels.

Net Worth

Daniel Pontet has made a markful impactful on South Florida’s cultural scene for more than 30 years as an illustrator, political cartoonist, sketch artist and muralist. Additionally he has showcased paintings, caricatures and sculptures.

His most celebrated works included courtroom sketches of criminal cases – particularly of those charged with grave offenses – for publications like Miami Herald, Reuters and many more news agencies.

He recently created the Impulse Art Experience – a series of live art performances with music that brought an innovative take to action painting, which originated in the 1950s as a radical departure from traditional concepts of what constitutes art.

He resided near Hollywood’s Young Circle and filled his apartment with realist paintings that look like photographs, abstract and expressionist pieces as well as sculptures.

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