Daniel Reid

Daniel Reid – A Man of Culture, Taoism, Chi-Gung, and Spine Surgery

Daniel Reid is an internationally acclaimed author who specializes in Chinese Medicine, Taoism, chi-gung and detox. In addition to this expertise in writing, Reid also offers extensive spine surgery training to provide compassionate care for his patients with spinal conditions.

Reid lives in Chiang Mai, an ancient Thai city known for its relaxed ambience and laidback lifestyle. Since the early ’90s, backpackers as well as tourists alike have made this destination popular.

Early Life and Education

Reid hails from Richmond, Indiana where he was raised by his mother. A member of the Colored Branch of the Democratic Party and principal at Forest Hill School in Lexington Kentucky, Reid served his nation faithfully throughout his career.

He was also a highly successful industrialist with investments in tin plating, railroads and steel. Additionally, he donated generously to Earlham College, Reid Hospital and Reid Memorial Church in Richmond – giving them all substantial support over time.

Reid liked to do things in style. For instance, he commissioned the construction of an elegant steel yacht which could accommodate 35 people and featured ten staterooms. Furthermore, he built himself an extravagant Fifth Avenue mansion complete with an elaborate carriage house designed by the same architect responsible for Fletcher and Woolworth mansions.

Professional Career

Daniel practices defamation, privacy and insurance law with particular expertise in sharing economy issues and cyber liability. He has written many legal articles related to these areas as well as been featured regularly at events – both locally and nationally – where his expertise was sought out.

Reid also works in the football industry and currently coaches the Philadelphia Eagles. Prior to that he had stints with Northern Arizona and Missouri teams; thus building up an extensive resume.

Reid is also co-founder of Palm Dreams detox retreat in Thailand, a popular location among celebrities and other people looking to improve their health. Additionally, he writes extensively on Eastern philosophy, herbal medicine and natural organic healing; publishing several books under these subjects.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel has been awarded Honours for Academics at each term’s Awards Ceremony as recognition of his hard work in academia. It is an extraordinary feat which shows Daniel has exceptional abilities across all subjects; digesting any material provided and always striving to push himself further toward outstanding results. Working promptly, Daniel completes all assignments on time while always seeking solutions before any issues arise.

Reid is an ardent and dedicated member of his family and passionately serves God, country and community. In his free time he enjoys playing cards, hiking and travel as well as Sudoku puzzles and writing spy novel thrillers. Reid is the son of Spencer and Marrieta Reid.

Personal Life

Reid was known as an individual of culture, kindness, and leadership within his community. A true friend to many he knew personally as well as an accomplished writer on various aspects of Eastern philosophy and medicine, Reid was widely respected by those he encountered during his lifetime.

He donated much of his wealth to charitable organizations and institutions such as the YMCA, Art Association of Richmond, Earlham College, Reid Hospital, Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church as well as establishing several public schools and parks in Richmond and its vicinity.

Reid spent 16 years researching traditional Chinese culture, with particular attention paid to Chinese medicine and Taoist health and longevity systems. Additionally, Reid enjoyed jazz and was passionate about the piano.

Net Worth

Reid is an award-winning politician who has made significant strides in his career thanks to hard work and devotion, garnering him multiple awards and titles during this time.

Reid made waves in Hollywood with his performance of Patrick Brewer in Schitt’s Creek – one of its most beloved roles – until it ended its run in 2020.

Reid’s estimated net worth is estimated to be $35 Million. He has made multiple trades in Emcor stock, most recently selling over 34,000 units on 20 December 2017 as you can see in his full trading history below. Furthermore, he owns other assets such as his home and car.

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