Daniel Speight

Daniel Speight

Early Life and Education

Speight became widely known during his early career for appearing in various films and TV shows, most notably playing the part of Terry Tate Office Linebacker in Reebok’s Terry Tate Office Linebacker Reebok Ad – one of the most beloved Super Bowl commercials ever!

ODU graduate John L. Cram was also an active legislator in North Carolina. He served on the Senate committee on psychiatric hospitals and helped modernize state insanity laws; additionally he held two terms on the State Board of Health.

Mike and Leanne were dedicated to supporting various charitable causes such as Bayshore Circle of the King’s Daughters and Sons, Families of Autistic Children of Tidewater and Connect a Wish for foster children. They are survived by their two sons: Greg Speight (Lauren) and Kevin Speight; their granddaughters Lilly Pierce and Drew Speight; their sister Ann Speight Daw of Unadilla; as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Daniel Speight serves as CEO and general counsel of Planters First Bancorp as well as general counsel of its subsidiary bank Planters First Bank, in addition to sitting on both boards. Furthermore, he is a founding shareholder and officer/director for State Bank & Trust Company Flag Financial Corporation Citizens Bank.

Planters First Bancorp and Bank is a full-service banking center operating out of Cordele in Middle Georgia with 8 full service branches serving individuals, small businesses, and large corporations alike.

PFB was established in 1896 and is the oldest financial institution in middle Georgia. Rated AAA by Fitch Ratings and with Moody’s Investor Service, Mike Phillips joined its leadership team as CFO/CSO in 2021.

Achievement and Honors

Speight has produced various video features about Fairfield University and its student-athletes that have been shared on its athletic social media channels and reached over 300,000 people in just two years.

Born at Sharrock Plantation in Bertie County, North Carolina and studying art under Ida Poteat at Meredith College on Saturdays. Following military service during World War I he went on to enroll at Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. In 1920 he enrolled at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts teaching part time for over forty years.

The United States government does not dispense medallions liberally; however, French authorities are more often awarded those who foster cultural endeavors, be it theater, literature or opera.

Personal Life

Daniel Speight has been engaged in banking for more than 25 years. Throughout that time, he has held leadership roles with State Bank Financial Corporation, James Bates Brannan & Groover, Flag Bank and Planters First Bancorp/Bank respectively. Additionally, Daniel currently resides at 9796 E Pershing Ave in Scottsdale AZ 85260 since August 2019 without ever marrying or having other family members nearby; instead he’s unmarried but close with some relatives; Daniel Speight currently stands 26 years old, bears the zodiac sign Cancer, with birth date set as July 1997.

Net Worth

Speight currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Planters First Bancorp and Bank in Cordele, Georgia and has held this position since 2021. Prior to that he held positions as President and Chief Banking Officer with Flag Financial Corporation.

He has also appeared in various television series. He made guest appearances as an inmate of Prison Break and the 2007 Eddie Murphy motion picture Norbit, where he played one of Rasputia’s three brothers; also, Gold Tooth made an appearance as a convict competing in an underground fighting tournament held within a notorious prison.

Speight first gained fame through his role as Terry Tate, the linebacker charged with enforce the company policies through no holds barred actions, in Reebok commercials that debuted during Super Bowl 2003 and were watched most often on TiVo viewers. These commercials received critical acclaim.

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