Daniel Spofford

Daniel Spofford Passes Away

Daniel Spofford served as Director of Software Engineering for Very, providing technical leadership and creating robust product strategies for client projects. An accomplished engineer, Daniel specialized in creating scalable real-time services using Elixir back-ends and React front-ends.

Lisa, their daughters and Zoey will remember him fondly; all will miss him greatly.

Early Life and Education

He is survived by two sisters: Nancy Spofford Homa of Kennebunkport and Kathy Spofford from La Verne, CA; as well as many nieces, nephews, grandnephews and granddaughters. Visitation will be Thursday evening from 5:00 to 7:00PM at Foley Funeral Home at 49 Court Street Keene for calling hours.

After the Civil War he returned to Boxford and dedicated a monument to each of his sons as well as building an impressive house from his savings.

Spofford was one of the early organizers and practitioners of Christian Science, setting up his own healing practice and becoming a major influence on Mary Baker Eddy and Asa Gilbert Eddy (her future husband). Mary trusted Spofford with advertising and selling “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures”, unlike most of Mrs. Glover’s students he made great strides forward.

Professional Career

Daniel Spofford has extensive software engineering experience. His specialty lies in developing scalable soft real-time services with Elixir and Phoenix Framework; additionally he has knowledge in numerous backend, frontend, and distributed system technologies allowing him to provide robust product strategies as well as realistic estimates for client projects.

He has been an open-source contributor to Nerves since its conception and has used this platform to support multiple IoT hardware and firmware projects. Furthermore, he possesses extensive expertise in both web and mobile app development.

He leaves behind his wife Lisa Anello Spofford and daughters Sydney and Samantha; brother James Spofford (and Janet Zappula of Clarksburg); sisters Tricia Beach (Larry) and Susan Spofford of Jensen Beach; nieces, nephews, grandnephews and granddaughters;

Achievement and Honors

His innovations and entrepreneurialism made a substantial impactful statement about him within both his local community and precision engineering industry. For this, he received many prestigious awards throughout his career.

Spofford survived Antietam with only minor injuries thanks to his brother. Spofford credits his brother as having saved his life during battle.

At a Lincoln County Fire Chiefs Association meeting in August, he was recognized with two prestigious awards: Chief Bob Maxcy 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award and Association President’s Award. Both accolades were accepted with standing applause; accepting one was met with smiling acceptance while receiving another was received with shocked disbelief. Thanking everyone for their years of support he expressed that he wasn’t ready to hang up his boots yet!

Personal Life

Daniel Spofford was an idealist with a gentle melancholy that marked his personality. He enjoyed gardening, traveling and spending time with his daughter as well as attending sports games with family and friends.

Unknown to both, Eddy and Spofford had fallen out by 1878 and both were expelled from Christian Science. Additionally, they filed suit against one another over unpaid tuition, although that case was eventually dropped.

Spofford served in the 19th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment during the American Civil War and was wounded at Antietam on September 17, 1862. Following this battle he retired and dedicated himself to healing, having students such as Mary Baker Eddy as students of his healing practice and publishing several books on metaphysical healing.

Net Worth

Spofford’s business ventures extend well beyond real estate; he also invests and is an active member of various professional organizations. These investments have allowed him to amass an estimated net worth of $89.1 thousand as of March 15th 2023.

He is also a highly recognizable public figure, making him an easy target for libel lawsuits. However, in order to prove actual malice he must investigate Chooljian’s and NHPR’s reporting and editing processes to establish whether they knew that material presented was false or strongly suspected it to do so.

Dan was a family man at heart who took great joy in spending time with Lisa, his daughters Sydney and Samantha, and Zoey the dog. Additionally, Dan loved traveling throughout U.S. national parks, the Caribbean Islands, and Europe.

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