Daniel Stanger

Daniel Stanger is a Real Estate Investor

Daniel Stanger is co-founder and managing partner of Bridge Investment Group. As such, he is responsible for sourcing, acquiring, financing and overseeing all real estate investments made by Bridge.

The Stanger House was constructed in Glassboro and completed in 1780 to serve as a store and residence for its manager, Colonel Heston. It stands directly across from his homestead.

Early Life and Education

District courts have discretion in whether or not they respond to every argument submitted as part of a variance request, and although Stanger’s meth-purity variance argument was found not convincing by them, it did not prohibit him from including it as part of his request for a downward variance.

The Stanger House still stands over two centuries later on Main Street in Glassboro across from Landmark Americana restaurant, serving as a store and previously being known as Franklin Inn before eventually being turned into a drugstore.

Anna Stanger embodies the mission of Danna Foundation by embodying their promise of love and kindness for all regardless of race, gender, age, orientation, geography or income level. As tireless advocates for those in need, her moral compass guides all her actions on behalf of Danna Foundation.

Professional Career

Daniel Stanger has extensive experience in all facets of real estate investment – finding, analyzing, acquiring, financing, developing and managing properties since 1988. This includes commercial, industrial, medical office and hospitality properties.

He has extensive knowledge in federal and state regulatory issues. Furthermore, Dan is considered a subject-matter expert on intelligence community whistleblower support and protection matters and co-authored several articles including Whistleblower Support in Practice: Toward an Integrated Research Model and Intelligence Community Whistleblowing & Source Protection Law and Policy.

Dan has served on the boards of several companies and holds a strong belief in charitable giving as one of the cornerstones of life. Additionally, he actively contributes to his community while mentoring young professionals.

Achievement and Honors

Since 1988, Daniel Stanger has been involved with the acquisition, development, management, improvement and disposition of over $1 billion worth of properties. Additionally, he served as Vice Chairman of Bridge Investment Group and co-CIO of Bridge Workforce & Affordable Housing.

Stanger has received multiple honors and awards for his leadership and service. For instance, he received the John Hayden Award for Excellence in Business Education which honors students who display outstanding academic achievement, service to others, leadership abilities, or overall service excellence.

Daniel has had numerous relationships with Annette D Olivo, Chelsea D Fuhriman, Coban B Fife, David D Latourelle and Danny R Schroader as friends or associates or coworkers. Additionally he may also be related to them.

Personal Life

Stanger and Anna Stanger founded Danna Foundation with the mission of eliminating artificial barriers and labels that divide us, welcoming all with open arms, and serving those in need. Their focus includes health and wellness work as well as welcoming those with mental or physical disabilities into society.

At his sentencing hearing, Stanger claimed his sentence was substantively unreasonable. He asserted that the district court committed an abuse of discretion by failing to consider an important factor or giving excessive consideration to improper or irrelevant factors; however, the court did not find any instances of these errors occurring and instead took Stanger’s memorandum as an objection against its presentence report and a request for a downward variance variance.

Net Worth

Patti Stanger has been running her own matchmaking service since 2000 and taking it onto television through Millionaire’s Club. Additionally, she has appeared on other reality TV programs as well as publishing a book.

Patti Stanger helps her clients find love. While her advice doesn’t always work (Chandler’s ex, Ojani Bright, returned three times after being fired due to disobeying Stanger), some couples have found lasting happiness through Patti’s assistance.

Stanger keeps busy through her business as well as various side projects, such as clothing and jewelry line called Je T’aime, live tours to spread her wisdom on relationships and sharp comebacks to keep people laughing!

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