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Jordan Miller Stevener – Actor, Comedian, and Cartoonist

Jordan Miller, born in Sharon, CT and graduated from Webutuck High School, was an exceptional tradesman who took great pleasure deer hunting, fishing and playing football. He leaves behind his parents Audra A. Miller of Amenia NY and Richard “Rick” Stevener as well as Lucas Miller from Little Rock Arkansas; as well as many aunts uncles and cousins.

Early Life and Education

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He graduated from Webutuck High School in 2017 and was an active member of his church, loving both family and friends deeply. Richard “Rick” Stevener and Audra A. Miller from Millerton, NY will miss him deeply as will Marissa Lindig (Tanner) of Little Rock and Lucas Miller from Millerton as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

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Professional Career

He is an American actor, comedian, drummer, cartoonist and musician best known for his appearances in Better Call Saul television show as well as appearing in other films and programs with his twin brother who often acts alongside them both.

Francis Howell High School. He participated in four years of varsity baseball as a shortstop, including three as a starter, finishing 2nd in state in 2008. In addition, he sang and played guitar at church choir and band services and choir/band rehearsals. Andrew Milano Jr. and Gail Stevener of Sharon CT were his grandparents while aunts/uncles Janice, Andrew, Christopher Lori & Wendy Milano all lived locally; step-grandfather Clyde A Miller III lived nearby Millerton.

Personal Life

Jordan graduated in 2017 from Webutuck High School as part of their varsity baseball team and enjoyed hunting deer and spending time with his beloved pet “Ruger”. Jordan was known to always put others before themselves and make people laugh – his kindhearted spirit will be missed greatly by many.

He is survived by his parents, Audra A. Miller and Richard “Rick” Stevener of Amenia, NY; two siblings Marissa Lindig of Little Rock and Lucas Miller from Millerton; grandparents Andrew Milano II and Anne Sciacovelli of Sharon CT as well as Janice Milano and Gail Stevener in Amenia NY; aunts and uncles including Amy Ringwald Clyde Miller Lori Milano as well as Christopher Jacqueann Tyler Davida Stevener as well as many cousins including uncle Clyde Miller Clyde Miller Lori Milano as well as cousin Christopher, Jacqueann Tyler Davida Stevener

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Net Worth

Steven Daniel is an American Novelist best known for his 2014 horror novel Nightmare Lane. As such, his writing career has earned him considerable wealth.

He has an older sister named Rachel and twin brothers named Daniel and Daniel Jr.. His personality and demeanor make for an engaging experience and make him one of the most adaptable individuals you will meet.

He is currently unattached but prefers to keep his personal life private. We will update you as soon as we have any details regarding his dating status or girlfriend name. He has an incredible personality with 5 ft 9 in height and 70 kg weight.

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