Daniel Stevenson

Who is Daniel Stevenson?

Daniel Stevenson is an extremely intelligent and approachable professor. His lectures are captivating, his lab feedback invaluable and he’s readily available outside class to offer assistance when necessary.

He currently serves as Presiding Elder of the Old Georgia Conference of African American Methodist Episcopal Church and Director of Payne Theological Seminary- Savannah Site, while being proud grandparent to two SCPS alumni he will proudly cheer on when they walk across their graduation stages next weekend.

Early Life and Education

Daniel received news in sixth grade that would profoundly change his life: He had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and required radiation treatments immediately. Family, church and community all provided tremendous support during this difficult period and allowed Daniel to recover more quickly than expected. Daniel remains deeply appreciative for all their assistance which enabled his quick healing.

He and Sheryl are passionate about spreading the gospel and church planting in Toledo. They’re working to unify the church there and advance God’s kingdom there, preaching openly and aggressively while Sheryl also enjoys teaching biblical doctrine to young people in particular. Together they’re committed to helping their own children develop in faith.

Professional Career

Daniel Stevenson has built his career around working with technology and emerging growth companies. Most recently he served as general counsel of Fusion-io, which was later successfully sold to SanDisk Corporation, before serving as partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati in Silicon Valley.

Stevenson made all 12 starts at right guard as a senior, producing 78 key blocks/knockdowns and eight touchdown-resulting blocks on an offensive line which only allowed 21 sacks.

He currently serves as Presiding Elder of the Old Georgia Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and Director of Payne Theological Seminary – Savannah Site. Additionally, he is proud parent to two SCPS alumni as well as grandfather (Jamie Stephens class 2023)! In his free time he enjoys skiing and snorkeling.

Achievement and Honors

His groundbreaking research on the Earth’s core has made important advances in fields as diverse as condensed matter physics, seismology, geochemistry and thermal history modeling – not to mention decades of work on melt transport within magma oceans.

Though academically unsuccessful, he continued writing. Treasure Island, his debut novel published serially in Young Folks between 1883-1888 before finally appearing as a book in 1888, proved immensely popular, leading him to write subsequent works such as Kidnapped and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Both books were penned in Bournemouth where Stevenson and Fanny resided since 1884, having had an impactful influence on later writers with their use of complex characterizations like Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver with emotional depth.

Personal Life

Daniel Stevenson is a highly qualified attorney with expertise in commercial law and regulation. He provides advice to high-growth technology and emerging growth companies with particular attention paid to intellectual property transactions. Daniel Stevenson is often instructed by CPS London and SE RASSO Units for pre-charge/victim right to review advice as well as prosecution of serious crimes including sexual offences and large scale drugs importations cases.

Dan and Sheryl share an intense desire to see God’s kingdom advance in Toledo. Through New Heights Fellowship they have demonstrated their spiritual gifts of preaching/teaching the Gospel, Pastor Shepherding, and evangelism.

Net Worth

Daniel Stevenson is an eminent Politician known for his outstanding career. He has amassed considerable wealth from his endeavors; it is estimated that his net worth ranges between $1 and $2 Million.

He currently resides in Valencia, CA with his wife Sheryl, where they have two children – an older married child who professes Christ as Savior; and another still attending college.

He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, skiing and snorkeling being his particular favorites. Additionally, he’s an avid tennis player. Furthermore, his business development knowledge makes him an expert negotiator; furthermore he’s driven to assist those within his community and has an affinity for community service work; his ministry involves discipleship as well as preaching the Gospel creatively.

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