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Daniel Talbert – A Successful Lawyer With a Passion For Helping People

Daniel Talbert is a successful attorney who takes great pleasure in helping others, instilled by his father. These values remain an integral part of who Daniel Talbert is today.

He is an active member of Central United Methodist Church where he serves on both their Administrative Board and as youth counselor, while also taking pleasure in playing golf at River Bend Golf Course.

Early Life and Education

Talbert credits his early theater work with opening up his creative potential when it comes to writing. Later he pursued law studies and worked as a trial attorney at both the Department of Justice Criminal Division and at Stoel Rives LLP law firm in Washington, DC.

He is dedicated to civil rights law and has worked on cases related to race, gender, religion, and other community concerns. Additionally, he founded Lights Camera Access which offers support and advice for young professionals within the entertainment industry. Currently living in Southern California.

Professional Career

Daniel Talbert is an award-winning auteur who defies convention with his innovative works across theater, film and literature. His creativity stems from hope, inspiration and faith fostered by his family from an early age.

At present, he still serves on the board of Central United Methodist Church and as a youth counselor. His compassion for others and strong moral values have always served him well throughout his life.

Talbert completed his undergraduate studies before enrolling at Campbell University Law School for his legal studies. Upon graduating and passing the Bar Examination in 2001, he has represented clients with Criminal Defense issues in Shelby North Carolina.

Achievement and Honors

Talbert is an accomplished golfer, having won multiple awards in his sport. Additionally, he enjoys giving back to the community where he resides and upholding its morals with strong work ethics instilled since childhood.

David directed his first feature film in 2008 with First Sunday starring Ice Cube and Katt Williams, later going on to direct Baggage Claim and Jingle Jangle; both became critically and commercially successful films.

He is an active mentor within the entertainment industry and founded Lights Camera Access as a program that gives students access to insight and employment opportunities within the entertainment sector. Furthermore, his passion lies with giving back through charity efforts in his local community.

Personal Life

Talbert has shown great empathy towards those less fortunate throughout his life, as well as an impressive work ethic and family values instilled by his father at an early age.

Talbert first encountered Jack Morris as they walked home from school together. Talbert exclaimed to Jack: “I’m going to marry that girl someday!”

After marrying Virginia, they had three sons together including Sean. Together they took great pleasure in enjoying home life, vacations and time spent with family and friends; especially grandchildren whom they lavished with tenderness and advice. Their pontoon boat could often be found around Muskegon or Bear Lakes for family trips – as well as being used to read poetry by Edgar Allen Poe (including “The Raven”) while always sharing an occasional laugh together.

Net Worth

Talbert’s writing skills have made his theatre productions and movies immensely popular with audiences, earning him an avid following and substantial compensation. Currently residing in Southern California with his wife and son.

He draws his creativity from personal experience as well as that of those close to him, current events, and social concerns he keeps informed on, which are integrated into his artwork.

He carries with him deep empathy and an unfailing work ethic cultivated from early infancy by his father, which have enabled him to excel both at law school and Teddy, Meekins & Talbert P.L.L.C, where he now practices both criminal and family law as a partner.

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