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Dan Wetle, a No-Bail-Hold Managing Director at Pearl Meyer, is a Compensation Expert

Daniel Wetle of Marina has been charged with driving under the influence and colliding with another vehicle that caused Salinas resident Jose Vazquez’s death, and authorities are requesting no-bail release for him due to evidence at his home that includes ghost weapons, assault weapons and one thousand Xanax pills. Prosecutors are seeking no bail release for Wetle who is believed to possess ghost weapons, assault weapons and thousands of Xanax pills at his residence.

Early Life and Education

Wetle was born in Santa Barbara, California and studied at the University of Connecticut. Now working as a professor at Brown University where he specializes in health services research, policy and practice; his areas of expertise include aging studies, long term care administration and public health.

He is known as an advocate against gun violence and critic of ghost guns – untraceable firearms assembled from components bought online – which remain undetected until assembled into finished firearms. Wetle has been charged with DUI vehicular manslaughter; his case will be heard this week and could result in up to 11 years and eight months imprisonment if he is found guilty. On August 8th 2018 this crash killed Perez Vazquez (48).

Professional Career

Dan Wetle is a managing director at Pearl Meyer and an expert in executive compensation. He consults on issues related to executive and employee pay such as compensation plans, salary administration and performance management – among many others – working closely with clients on these topics and meeting board and shareholder engagement needs. Dan has published many articles related to compensation issues while being an active speaker at industry events.

In March, Wetle was arrested and charged with possessing ghost guns, assault weapons, firearms, one thousand Xanax pills and over one pound of cocaine at his Marina home. If found guilty on these charges he faces 11 years and eight months of incarceration.

At the scene of this fatal collision, Wetle’s BMW Sedan collided head-on with Vazquez’s Toyota Camry, killing both parties involved and injuring both parties’ wives. While Wetle was unharmed during this accident and showed signs of alcohol impairment as reported by authorities.

Personal Life

Personal injuries can have devastating repercussions for families, whether through car accidents, work injuries, or the tragic loss of loved ones due to drunk driving accidents. They may lead to financial strain, job loss and long-term physical and emotional trauma; when an innocent life has been taken by such tragedy it can leave them reeling with guilt, sorrow and heartache.

Prosecutors allege that Wetle lost control while driving his rented BMW sedan on Highway 68 in Salinas on August 13, 2022 and veered into oncoming traffic, colliding head-on with a Toyota Camry that belonged to Wsvaldo Perez Vasquez (48) who died, while injuring his wife as well.

After the crash, California Highway Patrol officers immediately made contact with Wetle trapped inside his vehicle. He displayed signs of intoxication, with his breathalyzer test showing his blood alcohol content to be 0.101; Wetle could receive up to 11 years and 8 months when sentenced on June 26.

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