Daniel Wetmore

Daniel Wetmore

Daniel Wetmore is a freelance photographer based between Pittsburgh, PA and Syracuse, NY. Currently employed at a food cooperative to support his photography practice; Daniel holds a degree in business from Stanford University as well as experience working in neuroscience & medtech – having founded CTRL-labs where he developed and introduced an effective neural interface system.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Wetmore is a photographer based out of Pittsburgh and Syracuse. After earning his BFA from Syracuse University in 2013, he started working at car dealerships to fund his photography practice. With long brown locks and driving a Buick station wagon as his means of transport, his photographs often explore social intricacies present within post-industrial landscapes.

He serves on the Board of a local community bank and is actively involved in his church where he leads both men’s Bible study groups and prayer meetings. Furthermore, he enjoys fishing and hunting – and spending quality time with family – both of which occupy much of his free time.

Current known residential address for Christopher Gloyne is: 11759 Country Flower Lane in Moreno Valley, California 92557-6001. His former addresses included Christopher Gloyne and Daughany E Taylor.

Professional Career

Wetmore has nearly 20 years of experience working in neuroscience & medtech. He currently holds the Director of Clinical & Research Partnerships role at CTRL-labs, a startup developing an noninvasive neural interface capable of controlling devices through just mind control.

He has also worked in biotechnology, becoming one of the founding employees at Balance Therapeutics which develops drugs for sleep disorders and Down Syndrome. Additionally, he was recognized by National Society of Black Entrepreneurs as being among their Top 100 Emerging Leaders for 2012.

Professor Wetmore serves Albany Law School both as an instructor of law and as an adjunct critiquing faculty member for both the New York District Attorney’s Training Institute and New York State Bar Association Trial Academy, helping new attorneys learn trial skills.

Achievement and Honors

We seek to commemorate the efforts of Cindy Lockwold-Miller and Daniel Miller, her 18-YEAR-OLD son. Their loss was tragic and has resulted in a large debt which must be paid. With your assistance we hope to ease their financial burden.

Congratulations Jessica Zeaser on being selected 2023 Pelion High School Teacher of the Year. To express our thanks for all she does to serve South Carolina students and wish her success in her future endeavors.

Recognizing and honoring Asheville Fire Department’s promotion or advancement of 49 firefighters, and their work saving lives during emergency situations. Furthermore, to honor Engineer Zach Wetmore for his courageous efforts in saving a woman from her burning home on June 12 despite not being on duty that day. This incident stands out because Engineer Wetmore made this heroic rescue while off duty.

Personal Life

Dan Wetmore is married to Nicole Gentile and they share two sons together. In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing and watching sports; cooking; appreciating music as well as hunting/fishing/fishing for food!

As well as his professional life, Wetmore is actively engaged in charitable and community efforts. He serves on the Board of DaVita Foundation and as a Member of American Council for Technology-Based Education.

At present, Wetmore lives in Framingham, MA but has previously resided in Boston and Providence. He enjoys spending time with both friends and family members as well as traveling around the globe; playing guitar and bass in his free time are among his many interests; painting and writing are other passions of his.

Net Worth

Daniel is widely respected within the healthcare industry for his leadership role in developing strategic alliances between innovative healthcare services and technology providers and DaVita Venture Group companies. Additionally, Daniel serves as its manager.

At Birdland and Five Spot in New York during this mid-decade period, his music was considered modern. Dan Morgenstern of Down Beat described him as the first truly modern jazz violinist.

He is survived by his wife Sherry and children Nancy Alley of Florida, Sherry Wetmore Blauvelt of Maine and Peggy Wetmore Aubry of Florida; grandchildren Zachary Mayo (fiancee Jessica Mitchell), Nathaniel Mayo & Family, Allison Wetmore Tyleke Wetmore Meeka Wetmore as well as great-grandchildren Brantley Thomas Marlee Storm Ivy Raine; born to Fred and Ida Wetmore in Farmington Maine in Maine.

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