Daniel Wilf

Interview With Daniel Wilf, Attorney at Gupta Wessler PLLC

Daniel Wilf is an Associate Professor at Georgetown Law Center where he specializes in civil procedure and consumer protection classes. Additionally, he serves as Counsel at Gupta Wessler PLLC in Washington DC as of Counsel. Daniel’s litigation experience spans state and federal constitutional matters such as legislative quorum requirements to Emoluments Clauses.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was raised in a Jewish family. Both his parents were Holocaust survivors who fled Poland for Chicago where they eventually settled as Holocaust Survivors themselves. Growing up as part of this rich cultural background helped Daniel develop into an accomplished businessperson and philanthropist.

He works for his family’s real estate firm, Garden Homes – an industry leader in retail, commercial and private residential development – while being an active contributor to several Jewish charities and institutions.

Wilf and his brothers established a major scholarship fund at Yeshiva University in 1990, with Zygmunt and Mark being sons as trustees and Benefactors respectively, helping YU fulfill its mission of providing access to quality education regardless of financial status. Yeshiva University appreciates and celebrates the legacy left behind by Wilf and his family members.

Professional Career

Dan Wilf has a deep commitment to cultivating relationships between students and employers, with an emphasis on recruiting and career development initiatives. He has held roles at multiple educational institutions and industries. Furthermore, as the KC Wolf mascot for professional sports teams he frequently addresses audiences of all ages.

Gupta Wessler PLLC engaged Dan in litigation in state and federal courts on various substantive issues ranging from constitutional due process and First Amendment violations to legislative quorum requirements and Emoluments Clauses.

Garden Homes, run by his family and operated through retail, commercial and private residential properties located throughout New Jersey and the Northeast region, also entails Dan as a partner.

Achievement and Honors

Joseph Wilf, renowned leader, philanthropist and businessman with a deep-seated interest in Israel is best known for founding Garden Homes Inc in 1954 and being active in Jewish communal affairs for decades – together with Harry (deceased), one of its co-founders he helped establish American Society for Yad Vashem.

He served as La Roche College’s head men’s and women’s tennis coach for five years, leading both teams to new heights within their leagues. Twice named Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference Coach of the Year, multiple ITA Scholar-Athletes were under his tutelage as he also participated on the NCAA Division III Women’s Tennis Regional Advisory Committee.

Honors Program applicants are considered to possess outstanding academic achievements, outstanding extracurricular involvement and advanced written and oral presentation skills. Students who decline admission and enroll elsewhere forfeit their acceptance into the Honors Program.

Personal Life

Daniel enjoyed exploring nature as a child, often venturing out into the woods and hunting small game. He made friends with local Delaware Indians who taught him important survival skills.

He held multiple leadership roles at United Jewish Communities: national campaign chairman and national young leadership cabinet chair as well as president of Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey. Furthermore, he was an owner/partner in Garden Homes LLC (an Israeli real estate development company) in both New Jersey and Israel.

He has published articles on constitutional litigation and consumer protection. Additionally, he co-authored a proposal for a national civil justice reform bill and is of counsel with Gupta Wessler PLLC in Washington, DC. Additionally, he lectures regularly and has written textbooks on federal court practice and procedure.

Net Worth

Wilf and his family members own several real estate companies, such as Garden Homes – a nationwide leader in retail, commercial and private residential development with affiliates that own over 100 shopping centers and 90.000 apartment units nationwide.

The Wilfs are notable philanthropists to Jewish institutions such as the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem and Jewish Federations of North America, while also spearheading an initiative that assists impoverished Holocaust survivors living in America.

This family keeps their personal and romantic life under wraps, though it is known that they have two sons and a daughter, are currently living in New Jersey, United States, are American citizens, white ethnicity and have amassed an incredible net worth of more than $2 billion dollars.

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