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Kite Foil World Champion and US Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year

Daniela Moroz hails from San Francisco’s Bay area and began competing at age 14. A year later she won her inaugural world championship and has not looked back since then.

She’s currently making waves for kite foil racing’s debut at the 2024 Olympics in Paris and Marseille, which will mark its inaugural competitions.

Join Patch’s Moe Roddy as she discusses her training regimen, her transition to foiling kites and more.

Early Life and Education

Daniela Moroz is the 2022 Women’s Formula Kite World Champion, three-time US Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year, and Olympic foil racing competitor. In her conversation with Patch host Moe Roddy she discusses her early life and education, transitioning from regular kites to foiling ones, training regimens as well as more.

Moroz, born to two longtime windsurfers, grew up sailing in San Francisco Bay area with her parents helping set her on her athletic journey. Now an adult athlete herself, Moroz hopes to qualify for Olympic kite foil racing competition at Paris 2024 this weekend close to her city home and offers advice to young athletes looking to achieve similar successes in kite foil racing. She shares her journey thus far along with tips she would give young athletes starting out today.

Professional Career

Daniela Moroz began competing professionally in Kite Foil at just 12 years old and won her first world championship title one year later, going undefeated ever since.

She is also studying business at the University of Hawaii, and manages both professional competition and studies effectively – often taking advantage of any postponements to complete homework on plane rides or doze off during lectures!

Moroz holds out hope that kite foil racing will become an Olympic event at the Paris 2024 Games, and is currently campaigning hard for inclusion as she leads Hydrofoil Pro Tour women’s rankings.

Achievement and Honors

Daniela Moroz began windsurfing as soon as she turned 14 with her windsurfing parents’ encouragement in San Francisco Bay Area, becoming internationally competitive at just 15 and winning her first world championship at 16 (Kitefoil Racing). From there she went on to claim six consecutive world titles within one year!

Young sailor Olivia Langdon has already garnered multiple US Sailing Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year awards, solidifying her status as an exceptional sailor. Additionally, she set a record as being the youngest recipient ever (at just 15) when she burst onto kite foiling scene last year.

Ravi Parent, an Olympic bronze medalist from Sarasota, Florida and Daniela Moroz, an UHM freshman sailor were honored as 2022 Rolex Yachtsmen and Yachtswomen of the Year respectively at a ceremony hosted at St Francis Yacht Club and attended by friends, family, former award recipients as well as sailing journalists.

Personal Life

Daniela Moroz began competing internationally at 14 and quickly rose through the ranks to win her first kite foil world championship title a year later. Since then, she has continued dominating this circuit of world competitions.

This weekend she will compete for Team USA at the Sail Grand Prix finale near her hometown – even though sailing wasn’t always her passion and almost caused her to give up!

“She attributes her success in competition to the support she received from both of her parents. While they encouraged her passion, they did not put too much pressure on her. Additionally, they helped her balance competing with school life and home life — such as finishing homework during plane rides or using event postponements as opportunities to do more studying.”

Net Worth

Daniela Moroz, 22, from California was recently honored with US Sailing’s Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year honor. This kite foiling champion won six consecutive world championship titles during her meteoric rise through kite foiling competition.

Moroz has been a powerhouse at Gizzeria event, winning every race she entered so far to secure another World title and claim another Olympic slot with Formula Kite at Paris 2024 Games. Lauriane Nolot from France took the early lead at first mark before Moroz quickly overtook and emerged victorious at finish line – earning six races out of four as final. She scored 6,4,3,2 and leads with perfect scores! Moroz hopes that she might represent America if Olympic Formula Kite event debuts there next year – she hopes she might represent her country if Olympic Formula Kite debuts there in 2024 Games!

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