Daniels Trucking

Daniels Trucking

Daniel’s Trucking provides comprehensive freight transport and warehousing solutions in Hutchinson, MN.

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Early Life and Education

Daniels displayed early interest in acting, writing and music before becoming fascinated with religion – eventually becoming Episcopalian.

Daniels graduated from West Lebanon High School in 1957 and went on to work for Decato Brothers Trucking before starting his own trucking company, as well as running bus maintenance operations and contract shipping companies.

He was active in the civil rights movement as well, traveling to Alabama in 1965 to assist civil rights leaders with voter registration efforts. Additionally, he set aside record acreages as part of Oregon’s conservation efforts.

Daniels enjoyed reading and watching movies in his free time. He had an optimistic approach to life and was always upbeat and positive about life in general. Daniels was also very involved in his community, supporting numerous businesses and events locally.

Professional Career

At its height, his businesses employed over 300 bus drivers and truckers. He conducted business quietly, prioritizing taking care of people while doing the right thing; buying and selling properties such as an ex-supermarket warehouse in White River Junction and an Elks lodge in Hartford Village.

He took risks on speculative projects, like purchasing the Bel-Air Motel in North Little Rock. Today he owns a 73-year-old trucking company located at 101 Prothro Street – less than one mile from Meadow Park Elementary School.

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Achievement and Honors

Daniel has amassed more than 2.75 million collision-free miles over time and been honored three times as Ryder Truck Driver of the Month. Additionally, Daniel is a member of TRALA–the trade association for truck rental and leasing–where he earned their 2-million accident-free mile award.

Shonebarger recently won Trucking’s Top Rookie award for flatbed truckers. This esteemed award is bestowed each year upon only one driver; nominees are chosen by leasing company managers. Receiving such recognition was truly humbling for Shonebarger who earned his CDL eight years ago before working warehouses until his children became older so he could embark on his trucking career full-time.

Personal Life

Daniels employed more than 300 people at once across his companies – bus drivers, truckers and managers alike. However, rather than making his presence known too publicly or making statements regarding them publicly available he focused his time and energy ensuring his businesses flourished while his employees received quality care.

His father’s International truck dealership on Glen Road and Mechanic Street in West Lebanon provided him with a solid grounding in trucking. Subsequently, he acquired RSD Transportation and Daniels Warehouse; both operations specialize in contract shipping operations as well as truck leasing operations; as well as starting his own leasing firm.

On Tuesday, North Little Rock police arrested Hugh Daniels, 73, in relation to a possible human-trafficking case involving two juvenile girls. Daniels owns Bel-Air Motel and Apartments on Highway 70 in North Little Rock according to property records.

Net Worth

Daniels has appeared in various popular films, such as the Truman Capote biopic “Infamous” and political thrillers like “Traitor” and “State of Play”. His extensive acting career has contributed to an increase in his net worth.

Beyond his acting work, he has invested in various ventures that have added to his financial portfolio. For instance, he owns Purple Rose Theatre Company in Michigan as an investment to promote artistic talent.

His charitable endeavors demonstrate his deep-seated concern for others. He has donated to educational initiatives and supported environmental conservation projects; furthermore he has participated in various community service projects and currently owns 475,054 shares of Ensign Group Inc.

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