Danny Martel

Danny Martel

Danny Martel had been a lifelong resident of Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania since 1975 when he graduated from Hamburg Area High School. Following high school he enlisted with the United States Marine Corps, and served at one company during this period.

He works for Park Dietz and Associates’ forensic litigation consulting division as well, performing dangerousness assessments and fitness for duty evaluations for cases involving brain damage or malingering.

Early Life and Education

The ALJ placed only limited weight on Clukay’s opinion as it was not supported by record evidence. He noted that her treatment notes did not support her assertion that Martel could not sustain a workday and workweek, her mental status exams showed normal limits and her assertion that Martel could not follow written or spoken instructions without time deadlines or when unclear was contrary to evidence in the record.

He found that the evidence did not support Martel’s severity determination regarding depressive disorder and that he failed to incorporate it into his RFC at step two of the sequential process. Furthermore, he cited nurse practitioner St. George’s notes and Ardell Currier’s evaluation of Martel in 2001 as two sources that relied heavily on self-reporting by Martel and were informed by previous medical records.

Professional Career

Martel has been involved in many high-profile cases that made headlines nationwide during his career. Additionally, he served as a consultant for professional sports teams. Furthermore, Martel assisted clients in purchasing and selling businesses as well as offering advice regarding family business succession issues.

He brings an expansive knowledge of family law to every client interaction and takes pleasure in navigating complex matters for his clients. Additionally, he serves as a highly effective counselor who keeps clients updated throughout their process.

Since 2016, he has served as Florida Power & Light’s vice president of legislative affairs. Prior to this role, he held several previous posts: director of government and political affairs for home builders in Palm Beach County as well as acting director of Economic Council of Palm Beach County.

Achievement and Honors

Martel has received several prestigious awards and honors for his works, such as the Governor General’s Award for English-language fiction (1988), Order of Canada (1996), Prix Francois-Riviere-Dubois (1997), Truman Capote Literary Prize (2011) and Nobel Prize in Literature (2014). Additionally he is a member of Royal Society of Canada as well as being honored with honorary doctorates by various universities.

Michel Vigneault, also known by his ring name Daniel Martel, was a Canadian professional wrestler who appeared with Stampede Wrestling and International Wrestling Enterprise during the late 1960s and 1970s. As half of The Mercenaries tag team with Frenchy Martin, Vigneault died unexpectedly at a WWC event in Ponce, Puerto Rico on June 30, 1978 from an apparent heart attack – aged 51 years.

Personal Life

Danny Martel leaves behind his wife Jean M. Martel of Shoemakersville, PA; daughters Danielle C. and Dana A. Martel; sisters Colinda Hileman of Hamburg, PA and Lucinda J. Palubinski of Schuylkill Haven, PA as well as various nieces and nephews he had cared for as an infant; predeceased by Charles Vigneault who passed away at birth.

He was an active member of the American Psychology-Law Society, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, and the National Academy of Neuropsychology. His clinical internship took place at Bellevue Hospital and New York University Medical Center in New York City before specializing in Forensic Neuropsychology at Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Hospital.

Martell has enjoyed socializing with Palm Beach County elites for many years; however, he’s also been linked with various political scandals. According to The Palm Beach Post, Martell allegedly used Facebook analytics and worked closely with consultants in publishing negative news about Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum prior to the 2018 election using social media outlets such as The Palm Beach Post’s platform for news publication.

Net Worth

Dan Martell’s story could make for an incredible movie: an exceptionally creative child but struggling with anger issues and ADHD in his teenage years, moving out at 15 and discovering drugs; his low point came when he spent six months in prison before seeking help and moving with his father to a better neighborhood where rehab could help turn things around; upon returning he enrolled back into school, learned computer programming and launched his first software company – becoming a millionaire at 27 and continuing on his entrepreneurial path by founding other multi-million and billion dollar ventures since then.

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