Dashiexp Net Worth

Dashiexp Net Worth – Who is Dashiexp?

Whether you have heard of Dashiexp or not, there is no denying that it is one of the best YouTubers out there. His video content includes comedy skits, unboxing, animation videos, and vlogs. He also has a sweetheart.

Charlie Guzman is a YouTuber

Using his channel DashieGames, Charlie Guzman has been able to amass a massive fan base of over 2.8 billion views and over 3.2 million subscribers. He is also the proud owner of a cute chihuahua named BB.

While Guzman doesn’t do much on his main channel, he does manage to post a few YouTube videos each week. In fact, he has a sizable fan base on all his social media accounts. He also has his own website. He has a knack for creating awe-inspiring gaming videos and has been known to occasionally do a freestyle rap or two.

The DashieGames channel has a plethora of gaming videos, including unboxing videos and skits. Guzman has also been known to make prominent commentary videos on Grand Theft Auto V. Some of his most popular videos have crossed the one million view mark. He has a number of other YouTube channels, including DashieXP, DashieGames, and a number of smaller channels, some of which are quite popular.

He makes comedy skits, unboxing, animation videos, and vlogs

Known as Dashiexp, this Dominican-American YouTuber is a popular star. He has millions of subscribers on his four YouTube channels. His best-known video has more than 11 million views. He is known for his vlogs, animation videos, and comedy skits.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Dashie moved to Florida when he was a teenager. He joined YouTube in March 2006 when it was in its early days. He started out by posting amateur videos. Then, he got attention with his ballsy gameplay commentary. His videos are short and entertaining. He also tries to get fans involved in creating content.

His style includes exaggerated comparisons, hood talk, and screams. Dashie’s fans come from all over the world. He is also known for his love of video games. Among his favorite games are Mario Kart 64 and Castlevania.

Dashiexp has a net worth of $2.5 million. He earns $300 per day from his video channels. He has a large fan base, which is mainly made up of teenagers.

He has ADHD

Known for his unique sense of humor, Dashiexp is a famous YouTube personality and comedian. He is best known for his gaming commentary videos, as well as his comedic skits. Known for his fun and hilarious comments on movies, video games and celebrities, he has a large following.

Dashiexp is a native of the Dominican Republic, but now lives in California with his family. He has a pet Chihuahua named BB. He also has a sister who lives in the Dominican Republic. He has a net worth of $4 million. His net worth continues to increase due to his popularity. He has a large following on social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Dashiexp was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when he was a child. His mother has been sick with Alzheimer’s disease for many years. His father still lives in the Dominican Republic. He is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Dashiexp has four YouTube channels. His main channel is DashieGames. His other channels are DashieXP2, DashieXP and Tpindell. He has a combined following of over four million.

He has a sweetheart

Despite his popularity as a YouTuber, Dashiexp has not made headlines for his dating life. He hasn’t been married or partnered with anyone. However, he has two siblings, a sister who lives in the Dominican Republic, and a pet Chihuahua named BB.

Dashiexp has a unique sense of humor, which can be seen in his YouTube videos. He often makes exaggerated spellings and comparisons between things and celebrities. He is also fond of video games and movies, and has an extensive collection of both. His favorite games are Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. He is also a big fan of fighting games.

Before his YouTube career began, Dashiexp worked at Walmart and Walmart-related businesses in Florida. He also worked at a number of other odd jobs, and graduated from an unknown school. He eventually began his YouTube career in 2006. He launched his first YouTube channel in 2006. He also launched two more channels in 2010.

Dashiexp has released two albums, as well as a mixtape. He has worked with many notable personalities, including rapper Logic. He has also appeared on Worldstar, a comedy show.

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