Davara C Ponds

Davara C Ponds is a Democratic Candidate for Stanly County Sheriff in November

Davara C Ponds is a Democratic candidate for Stanly County Sheriff and an experienced deputy sheriff. A native of Albemarle, North Carolina, she’s married to Anita V Ponds and the proud grandmother of twenty-five grandchildren and twenty-four great-grandchildren. Additionally, Davara holds membership in the National Association of Women Lawyers.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Davara Ponds, the official elected deputy sheriff of Stanly county, may be the first female in a long line of men and women wearing blue but that doesn’t mean she’s contented to stay behind bars. A dedicated wife and mother, davara is always up for an adventure whether it be tending to herds of piglets on the farm or enjoying a tasty cocktail with friends. Noted as one of Stanly County’s best communicators, Davara has an exceptional ability to tell stories of all kinds.

Personal Life

Davara Ponds is an accomplished public servant and active in her local community. She currently sits on the Stanly County Commission, and in November she will run for sheriff against incumbent Jeff Crisco. In addition, she works as Chief Officer for a private investigations firm. Married with two children, Davara resides in New London with her family.

Todd Lowder, the longtime Chief Magistrate for Stanly County and Democratic candidate for clerk of superior court, is being challenged by three Republicans including Davara Ponds – all running in 2022 and appearing on the ballot in November. Lowder will remain as Chief Magistrate while Ponds seeks her seat from a Republican perspective.

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