Dave Calone

Dave Calone is a Venture Capitalist and a Former Federal Prosecutor

Dave Calone is a former federal prosecutor and New York state prosecutor who has dedicated himself to starting and growing technology companies across America. As CEO of Jove Equity Partners, a venture capital firm that invests in and assists technology startups, Dave plays an instrumental role in helping these enterprises reach success.

He is also the founder of Long Island Emerging Technologies Fund, which provides seed funding for early stage technology companies based on Long Island technology. Additionally, he served as National Board Chair for Patriot Boot Camp – a not-for-profit that assists veterans from around America launch their own technology businesses.

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Professional Career

David Calone is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist. As the founder and CEO of Jove Equity Partners, LLC – an investment firm that supports early stage technology companies across America – David has extensive expertise.

He has served on the boards of ten privately held companies as part of his entrepreneurial and investing activities. Furthermore, he holds co-invention rights to 19 U.S. patents related to internet data aggregation, health care data storage and consumer choice.

He is currently a Board of Trustees member for the Long Island Power Authority and has held various public and philanthropic roles on Long Island, such as Chairing the Suffolk County Planning Commission. In 2012, his work on the Long Island Unified Solar Permitting Initiative was recognized by NACo as one of their top achievements. As a former prosecutor, Dave strives to move Suffolk forward by making our communities safer while increasing opportunities for all.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Calone is the CEO of Jove Equity Partners LLC, a venture capital firm that helps launch and grow technology companies throughout America. He serves as director for seven privately held firms and co-inventor on seventeen issued U.S. patents related to internet messaging and optimizing medical treatment based on comparative treatment effectiveness data.

He is an accomplished public and philanthropic leader who has served as Chair of the Suffolk County Planning Commission since 2008, leading them to develop land use policies with regional impact such as infrastructure financing, regulatory streamlining, energy efficiency/distributed generation, water protection/protection of biodiversity/housing diversity/public safety. Furthermore, his initiative on LI Unified Solar Permitting earned Suffolk County a National Association of Counties’ 2012 National Achievement Award; furthermore he has been invited across America to share his leadership style.

Personal Life

After graduating from Harvard Law School, Dave Calone worked as a federal prosecutor specializing in international corporate fraud and terrorism. Additionally, he served as Special Assistant Attorney General with the New York State Attorney General’s Office, prosecuting health care fraud cases and helping negotiate what at that time was the largest Medicaid recovery for taxpayers in New York State history, according to his campaign.

Calone served on the Long Island Power Authority board of trustees, leading an effort to restructure LIPA, select a new company to run Long Island’s electrical grid and establish the largest renewable energy plan in its history. He was also founder and National Board Chair of Patriot Boot Camp – a nonprofit which assists veterans and active-duty service members launch technology companies.

Net Worth

Dave Calone is a former federal and state prosecutor who focused on corporate fraud, terrorism and health care fraud investigations. An honors graduate of Harvard Law School and possessor of an economics degree from Princeton University, his expertise was put to the test during his investigations. He currently resides in Setauket, New York with his wife Kate – a Presbyterian minister – and their three children. Prior to that he served on Suffolk County’s planning commission and championed renewable energy through unified solar permitting, according to his campaign. He served as the founding national board chair of Patriot Boot Camp, a non-profit that assists veterans, active-duty military and spouses with business ownership. Through his campaign for office in East Hampton, he successfully saved the largest tract of open land from development for condominiums.

He joined the Long Island Power Authority’s board of directors, but left that role just days before Hurricane Sandy hit.

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