Dave Jia

Dave Jia

Dave is a half-hour comedy series from FX that follows an ambitious rapper as he attempts to convince himself that he will become one of music’s greatest artists. Now, Dave must convince his closest friends to help him reach success.

The first season of Dave was somewhat introspective, but this second run has progressed creatively exponentially. It still retains some key elements that made it so great initially, yet there’s also more variety in terms of form play.

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Professional Career

Dave Jia has had an extensive career in the real estate industry. He has served as both mortgage originator and attorney to numerous high-net-worth clients.

He has also been an active investor in the stock market. Together with other former PI+ students, he participates in Investor Chat – an online group based on Google Hangouts where they discuss investing opportunities and provide advice.

He is an accomplished musician, having won first place awards at multiple piano competitions. Through his achievements in this area, he has amassed a considerable amount of cash prizes.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Jia is an accomplished businessman with more than four decades of experience. He co-founded and serves as CEO of Makena Capital Management, a venture and private equity firm with $500 million in assets under management.

His accomplishments include founding multiple businesses, being an accomplished entrepreneur and being a dedicated family man. Additionally, he is renowned for his tech-savvy YouTube channel where he reviews various gadgets such as iPhones and laptops.

He was the first to use Instagram’s story feature to share a video announcing his wife and two daughters were expecting their third child. This video was undoubtedly one of his most entertaining and enjoyable posts on his account; it served as an ideal way for him to introduce his girls to their new baby brother or sister and demonstrate his affection for them.

Personal Life

Dave Jia is an acclaimed businessman and talk show host. He’s married to David Rubin, with whom he resides in Los Angeles, California.

David Jia is a renowned social media star with an expansive YouTube audience and numerous followers. He stands out for his witty content and ability to captivate his viewers.

Despite his success, he remains a private individual and rarely shares information about his personal life. Additionally, he does not open up about any past romantic relationships.

Dave was born on July 5, 1933 in Mattoon, Illinois and graduated with honors from the University of Illinois in 1955. Prior to attending law school he served in the United States Air Force before joining Perkins Coie as a partner for 59 years.

Net Worth

As of 2020, Dave Jia is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million. This wealth comes from his involvement with the Diesel Brothers television show and YouTube channel.

He sells Diesel Brother merchandise to fans. The show has become a sensation among car enthusiasts and draws millions of viewers annually.

The second season of DAVE has welcomed even more celebrity cameos. Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian and Macklemore all make appearances in the series.

Dave continues to struggle with his personal life despite the success of the show. He attempts to get back together with Ally, his ex-girlfriend, but fails. Now it’s up to Dave whether he will sacrifice his career for love life; it’s an uneasy choice but one that could ultimately determine if or not he achieves his aspirations.

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