Dave Kurtz

Dave Kurtz

Kurtz was a founding member of B101 radio (originally WDVR), the groundbreaking FM station that revolutionized broadcasting. His kind and humble spirit were evident throughout his life.

David’s practice specializes in the regulatory and compliance needs of digital asset companies, projects, protocols, entrepreneurs and developers. Together with clients he creates, implements and oversees customized compliance programs.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood (birth to five) is when children develop essential life skills such as socialization, self-worth, world perception and moral outlook. Furthermore, they hone their cognitive abilities and learning capacity.

Education of young children is based on many different theories and teaching methods. Some are highly specialized, with their own accreditation bodies to prevent fraudulence and guarantee schools adhere to their policies.

Dave Kurtz earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Therapy from Western Michigan University before continuing on to earn a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Leadership at National University.

Professional Career

David is an expert in the digital asset and blockchain technology ecosystem. He provides guidance on formation and structuring of digital assets, tokenomics, financing strategy, federal/state securities laws, as well as alternative offerings.

David draws upon his professional experiences, such as working on the line as a chef in Cincinnati and New York City or picking salmon out of nets in Alaska, to connect with clients who are pioneering new opportunities for themselves, their industries and markets.

He is a proud veteran, having served as the inaugural Veterans Affairs Officer at Harrisburg Area Community College. While there, he provided educational benefits counseling, VA certification, academic monitoring and other support services for veterans and their dependents; additionally establishing the VA Work-Study Program on campus. Furthermore, he successfully reestablished Chi Gamma Iota Fraternity on campus and served as advisor to People First Club–an organization for disabled students–for over 12 years.

Achievements and Honors

David Kurtz is an accomplished individual who has achieved success in multiple fields. His accolades include winning a gold medal in canoeing and giving an award-winning TEDx speech.

He is an esteemed teacher and prolific author of textbooks used by millions of students around the world. His market-leading “Contemporary Business” and “Contemporary Marketing” are just two of his 50+ publications, including several best-sellers.

He has also earned recognition as a philanthropist, having donated the largest sculpture in Walton College of Florida’s collection and serving on the board of directors for several organizations. For his efforts, USA Today named him one of college sports’ most influential people.

Personal Life

Dave Kurtz was a beloved family man, friend, voracious reader, history enthusiast and sports fanatic. His favorite pastimes included spending time with his beloved wife Pauline and daughters Olivia and Ava.

He enjoyed attending high school and college sporting events, being an avid supporter of both professional and college football and baseball.

After the fall season, Dave stepped down as head coach of Hudson’s boys golf team. He intends to devote himself full time to his two children who are both currently pursuing their collegiate golf careers.

Net Worth

Dave Kurtz is a musician and rapper best known for his songs “Samantha” and “Hangman”.

In addition to music, he makes money through reality TV shows like “Diesel Dave.” This show has earned him millions of dollars.

He is an immensely proud family man, enjoying spending time with his wife and children. He has three children: Charley, Beau and Mack.

His net worth is estimated to be $2 million. His income comes from various sources, such as YouTube and sponsorships, plus he boasts a large social media following.

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