Dave LaForge

Dave LaForge

David LaForge is the Vice President of Manufacturing for Hercules Machine Tool And Die in Warren, Michigan. He’s also the editor of Stardock Mirror Universe anthology Shards and Shadows as well as co-authoring Pocket TOS novel The Children of Kings.

Dave was a retired FDNY firefighter who was an inspiring leader and passionate about his family. He was an enduring friend to many and will be greatly missed by those he left behind.

Early Life and Education

Before becoming the eighth president of Delta State University, LaForge served as a professor and was instrumental in developing programs that gave students leadership experience. Furthermore, his efforts ensured students received college educations that would equip them for the challenges presented by an ever-evolving global economy.

Growing up, LaForge had a deep-seated passion for hockey. He often watched games with his dad and that early exposure to the sport inspired him to pursue it as a career.

LaForge was appointed a Starfleet Officer in 2369 after Captain Jean-Luc Picard assigned him to work on the USS Enterprise. Capt. Picard was greatly impressed with LaForge’s dedication and devotion, and soon enough LaForge found himself part of Picard’s crew.

Professional Career

Dave Laforge is a successful and hardworking American professional who has held positions of responsibility within some of the most esteemed organizations. Currently, he serves as General Manager of the New York Giants.

Before becoming a scout for the Giants, Dave served as an U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue helicopter crewman for eight years.

He also taught mathematics at East Windsor High School in Connecticut and served as field manager in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ minor league system from 1981 to 1988. His teams included Lethbridge (1981-1982), Gulf Coast Dodgers( 1983), San Antonio Dodgers and Bakersfield Dodgers.

He is married and the proud parent of three children; he and Joanne Holt have been together for over three decades.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Laforge has achieved much in his life and been recognized for his work.

He is a pianist, accompanist and composer who has also taught piano.

His contribution to music has been monumental. He has arranged songs by many renowned singers.

He has also been recognized for his accomplishments in education. As a mentor to many students, his dedication has been praised.

Personal Life

Dave Lee is one of YouTube’s most renowned tech experts, yet he maintains a normal job and family life. On his channel, Dave rarely discusses his personal life; instead, he only opens up during Q&A sessions.

His family is his top priority, so he rarely discusses them publicly. Usually, he only brings up the topic during Q&A sessions at the end of each year.

He is an avid sports enthusiast, especially ice hockey. His other interests include watching the San Francisco 49ers and Golden State Warriors; however, his true love is for his beloved Oregon Ducks.

Net Worth

Dave Laforge is an American businessman and investment strategist. He founded Pine Brook Road Partners, which provides financial support to companies in the energy and financial services sectors. Additionally, he serves as Managing Partner of Colonnade Financial Group – which he created through a spinout from Deutsche Bank.

David Laforge’s net worth is estimated to be $3 billion. With over ten years of experience in public accounting, including taxation, he specializes in this area. Living with his wife and children in Highland, New York for 13 years now, they own a small house on Hillside Place that has a median home value between $100-149K.

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