Dave Lulich

Dave Lulich – Landscaping Expert

Dave is an experienced landscaping expert with more than 11 years of expertise. His work emphasizes sustainability and organic gardening techniques.

Dave recommends laying turf as an ideal project for those interested in DIY landscaping. He states it’s the ideal introduction to gardening and allows you to spend more time outdoors.

Early Life and Education

Dave Lulich is a graduate of Mauston High School with a major in horticulture and minor in business administration. After leaving school, he launched his own landscaping business and is now certified as an approved horticulture contractor.

As a landscaper, Lulich creates outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and practical. He draws upon his educational background to design sustainable living environments for people to enjoy.

Dave has had to overcome adversity throughout his life and show remarkable resilience. After experiencing housing instability, couch surfing and depression, he was able to re-engage with school – now proudly on the CCP Honor Roll! Dave remains determined to do well academically and make his future successful.

Professional Career

Dave has been in the landscaping business for some time and enjoys every minute of it. Whether it’s cutting lawns, planting trees or creating flower beds, he always looks forward to taking on a new project.

Daves landscaping business has allowed him to hone his skills and gain insight into the industry as a whole. Additionally, he’s had ample chances to network with influential professionals throughout his career, leading him to success. Today, his name is well-known throughout the industry for quality work and customer service – no job too small or large for him!

Achievements and Honors

Davis College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources recently recognized seven distinguished alumni. This award recognizes graduates who have made outstanding contributions to society, whose accomplishments and careers have brought honor to both the college as well as professions related to agriculture and natural resources.

Landscape architecture is an academic field that integrates design processes and skills with an in-depth comprehension of physical, natural, and social sciences to develop proficiency at problem solving in landscape planning. The curriculum emphasizes a process-oriented approach while reinforcing community values and environmental sustainability.

Brad Davis, a professor of landscape architecture at the University of Georgia (UGA), is passionate about plants from both an aesthetic and environmental standpoint. He enjoys inspiring students with their enthusiasm for plant knowledge and ecological planting design skills. His research involves identifying appropriate native seed mixes for creating repeat flowering meadows on roadsides and utility corridors that serve as attractive public spaces, support pollinators, require less upkeep than turf lawns, and are environmentally friendly.

Personal Life

Dave has been in the landscaping business for over 30 years and is well-versed in all facets of it. To supplement his day job, he enjoys vlogging and has built up quite a following with his YouTube channel featuring over 50 weekly vlogs plus an online store selling his items. Best of all? Dave can continue working while spending quality time with his 15 year old wife!

Dave is a tireless professional who never feels the need to let anyone down. His company has won numerous industry awards and Dave credits his knowledgeable business partners with keeping the ship afloat during these trying times.

Net Worth

Lulich Landscaping LLC began as a side business for owner Dave Lulich in 1997 while employed as a full-time high school agricultural education instructor. One of his classroom assignments involved landscaping and this sparked his interest and passion for it. He eventually licensed the business and turned it into a full-time operation, expanding to provide lawn care, irrigation and weed man services. When not at work, Dave enjoys backpacking and kayaking in Kentucky Rivers or national parks with his wife Marni; he’s an avid antique tractor collector and restoration enthusiast too! Together they have two children named Olivia and Ethan; their family ranch includes a small beef herd which they show steers and heifers around midwest America.

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