Dave Narain

Dave Narain – A New York Criminal Defense Attorney

Dave Narain is a criminal defense attorney from Rockford County who represents clients throughout New York who are facing various offenses. With more than ten years of experience and knowledge of the New York justice system as a former prosecutor, his knowledge of this system is unsurpassed.

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Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave Narain has had an illustrious and rewarding career in business. From building high-rise towers to leading a top-secret project aimed at cutting energy consumption on Earth, his expertise spans all areas of life. A proud dad and doting husband, Dave loves finding great deals worldwide – whether that be food, wine or ball games! Most importantly though, Dave remains friends with many people despite being somewhat recluse when it comes to work life. Despite this fact, his friendships remain strong even through times when he does venture out for pleasure.

Achievements and Honors

Narain was an esteemed high-energy physicist who collaborated with researchers around the world. Her work helped discover the top quark, which provided insight into understanding the Higgs boson. Furthermore, she served as a member of Fermilab – U.S. Department of Energy’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory located in Chicago – on their Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment.

Nobel Prize-winning physicist was also an inspiring advocate for diversity and inclusivity in science. She was a powerful champion for women in STEM fields and an invaluable mentor to those considering a career in physics.

She worked tirelessly to promote physics beyond academia, in schools and local communities. As a leader of the CMS Women’s Forum and founding chair of the CMS Diversity Office, she became the first woman to hold this position at Brown’s Department of Physics.

Personal Life

Dave Narain, who passed away in September 2021 at 73 years of age, was an outspoken environmentalist. A native of New Delhi, he had long been an advocate for curbing air pollution levels.

He believes in knowledge-based activism, combining cutting-edge scientific data with Gandhian environmentalism. Additionally, he is renowned for his work in the Caribbean where he helped launch a science-focused initiative.

He’s the author of a book detailing his experiences on the islands and has also produced a documentary. Additionally, he has contributed articles to The New York Times and The Guardian. Additionally, he’s involved with “Science from Scientists,” an initiative which brings scientists to schools to educate students about science.

Net Worth

Net worth is the value of one’s assets, less any loans or overdrafts. Those considered wealthy typically own homes or other property, have savings, or operate businesses. Dave Narain – attorney who successfully prosecuted Rick Tabish and Sandra Murphy in the Ted Binion murder trial – has a net worth of $5 million dollars.

Other high-net-worth senators include Wilton Simpson (R-Trilby), with $21.2 million; Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg), at $14.5 million; and Samprada Singh, chairman emeritus of Alkem Laboratories whose family owns close to 80% of the generics maker. All these senators had filed their latest financial disclosure forms by Friday morning; those who hadn’t done so yet have requested extensions until August 1.

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