Dave Palmateer

Dave Palmateer

One of the most cherished moments in Dave Palmateer’s professional career was when he made his NHL debut with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Despite being undersized, Dave proved to be an incredibly hard-working forward who always put the team first.

His dedication to the game earned him a place of honor among many, such as Bob McCammon and Bobby Clarke. Furthermore, he had the backing of his family members.

Early Life and Education

Dave Palmateer’s childhood was idyllic. He lived with his parents in their home and excelled academically.

He displayed a strong work ethic. In addition to being part of his high school football team, he also worked at a restaurant.

He loved horseback riding in his free time, which eventually led him to move his family from Jupiter to Wellington where he could use the healing powers of horses for his daughter’s physical challenges.

He has earned many accolades throughout his career, most recently being named Largo High’s Outstanding Assistant Principal for his positive effect on students and teachers alike.

Professional Career

Although he never broke the NHL record for most wins, Palmateer achieved some notable milestones along the way. He played eight seasons in the National Hockey League, six with Toronto Maple Leafs.

He also contributed to the team’s Stanley Cup victory in 1979. Unfortunately, his career was marked by injuries which would keep other goalies out of action for years to come.

He retired in 1984 but has remained actively involved in the sport, working within the NHL Central Scouting Service. Additionally, he founded “Leafs and Me”, a charitable initiative designed to assist children suffering from cancer. To date, this organization has raised over $30 million for various causes across America.

Achievement and Honors

Palmateer earned NHL All-Star honors during his time in the league, but had difficulty separating personal issues from his work as a goalie. He enjoyed success during 1983-84 but then endured knee injuries that severely limited his mobility.

He encountered conflict with Toronto owner Harold Ballard during their 1984 training camp, and after being told he was no longer wanted and unable to secure another NHL job, he chose to retire.

Personal Life

Dave Palmateer’s passion for food and work ethic were instilled during his parents’ restaurant in upstate New York. Growing up with half his days spent in the Catskill Mountains and half in Florida, Dave developed an appreciation for cooking as well as an eagerness to travel, which ultimately led him to open DeVine Bistro in 2008 with his partner Sarah.

In addition to his work at the restaurant, Palmateer loves spending time on his horses. As a proud dad to Michael, 11, Ashley, 10, and Zachary, 8, he helps their father with all aspects of business operations. Recently they moved to Wellington, Florida – a small town with big dreams! We appreciate all your support in helping Sara Palmateer through this difficult time. Your donations will go directly to her during this difficult time.

Net Worth

He was a hockey goaltender who has played for both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals. With an estimated net worth of $5 million, Palmateer was born on January 13th 1954 in Toronto Canada at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds.

Some years back, Dave Palmateer relocated his family to Wellington, Florida in order to be closer to an equine therapy that was helping his daughter Ashley with her asthma. It was a risky decision but one he and Sara decided upon. Now they own DeVine Bistro in Wellington’s heartland, carrying on the strong work ethic traditions his mother and older brothers had taught him. Together with Michael and Zachary, he is dedicated to both the restaurant and Ashley – their sister!

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