Dave Pearlman

Dave Pearlman

Dave Pearlman was an American journalist renowned for his dedication and enthusiasm in science writing. He enjoyed immense respect amongst his peers as well as an impressive list of accomplishments.

He served on the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing and dedicated his time and energy to helping fellow journalists gain more knowledge about their profession.

Early Life and Education

David Pearlman was raised in Charleston, South Carolina with an understanding of respect, dignity and equal justice. His father – the Probate Judge for Charleston County for 35 years – taught him that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, religion or socioeconomic background.

He holds a master’s degree in public administration and works for the Humanity United Foundation, where his duties include monitoring, evaluation, learning and developing strategic planning and systems tools to assess various philanthropic projects. Furthermore, he teaches and lectures about organizational development topics.

Dave’s “romantic origin story” music video was meticulously shot at his parents’ home in Philadelphia, using real props like letters between them as he strives to tell a tale that’s as true to himself as it is to its audience. It’s an emotionally complex and ultimately poignant piece that will leave viewers with lasting feelings both joyous and heartbroken.

Professional Career

David Pearlman has dedicated his career to aiding people understand and appreciate the significance of law. A native of Charleston, he is proud to be part of Irving Steinberg’s original law firm in South Carolina: Steinberg Law Firm.

For four decades, David has been a partner at the firm and is widely recognized for his role in safeguarding working people through landmark cases before state Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. Additionally, David is proud to be part of National Trial Lawyers Top 100 list, which recognizes the top trial lawyers across each state or region.

He is an advocate for workers’ rights, having lectured on these subjects, served on numerous committees and been the legislative chairperson of South Carolina Injured Workers Advocates for 12 years. Additionally, he is a past recipient of the Gedney M. Howe Jr. Award for Outstanding Public Service.

Achievement and Honors

Dave Perlman has been a reporter at The San Francisco Chronicle for 47 years, most renowned for his science stories.

His career has encompassed a wide range of subjects, such as paleontology, geology, astronomy and volcanology. His ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely has been praised by both his peers and readers alike.

His work has been recognized by both the Society of Professional Journalists and American Geophysical Union, earning him the David Perlman Award for Excellence in Science Journalism – News.

His commitment to community outreach is a testament to his desire to assist others. He supports Trident Literacy Association, a nonprofit organization that teaches adults how to read so they can reverse the effects of generational poverty and illiteracy.

Personal Life

David Pearlman is a highly esteemed and beloved entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable results for four decades. He set industry standards in programming innovation and sales success, as well as developing some of America’s finest talent and management.

His professional career has involved a diverse range of high-profile and demanding assignments that have taken him from corporate boardrooms to studios of some of America’s top radio stations and nationally syndicated shows.

He has spearheaded many successful business acquisitions, such as Co-founding American Radio Systems which rose from being an innovative consolidator to become the country’s 4th largest broadcaster before selling to CBS for a then record enterprise price of $2.6 billion dollars. Furthermore, he serves on numerous boards and committees.

Net Worth

David Pearlman has an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million, acquired through his professional crew (film/tv) career.

He is also a writer and has his own blog that focuses on sports. Married to actress Dina Meyer, he and she have one child together named Benjamin.

Pearlman also owns an investment company that specializes in residential real estate. He purchased several distressed buildings around Philadelphia and converted them into apartments or condos, plus owns a property on Jewelers’ Row downtown.

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